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Cellular Degeneration

Veronica walks through the reception area of a very busy law firm, and opens the door to a break room. There's a cigarette smoldering in an ashtray, but no sign of Leticia. D'oh!

Veronica runs out the front door of her office building, onto a busy, busy street. She runs a few steps and sees Kellerman getting into a car, which then drives away. Her phone rings. It's Sebastian, wondering where she is -- they had some important wedding-related appointment that she's missing. She tells him that she can't talk, and hangs up.

Back on the inside, Abruzzi is in his cell chatting with one of his confederates about how to get Michael to talk. Abruzzi has decided that cutting off appendages may not be the answer: "Maybe the Beatles were right after all." You mean she really does love me, yeah, yeah, yeah? Oh, no: "Maybe all you need is love."

Michael enters his cell to find Sucre packing up. He's decided he can't afford to risk getting caught up in Michael's scheme, so he's requested a transfer to a new cell. Michael tries to talk him out of it, but it doesn't work -- Sucre actually has a brain in his head. They have a muttered conversation -- unlike Linc, Sucre and Michael seem to realize that the guards standing three feet away actually have ears.

Linc is in his cell with a visitor -- a preacher of some kind. As one does when one has company, Linc is squatting down on the floor in the single beam of sunlight that comes in the window. Like the warden, the preacher man is nagging Linc about why he hasn't requested that any family or loved ones come to his execution. Linc once again wonders why he would want to cause his family any more pain by making them watch him die. The preacher man thinks that Link is looking at it the wrong way: "What's the last image you want to take with you? A stranger?" Well, that might be better than the image of your family wracked with pain and guilt.

T-Bag (remember him?) is sitting in the mess, fingering the Gutter and watching Michael dispose of his empty tray. He starts to rise up, and a hand shoves him down into his seat. It's Abruzzi, asking whether T-Bag has a problem with Michael. T-Bag reminds us all that his little friend (whose name was Maytag -- you can make your own spin cycle jokes) is dead because of Michael. Abruzzi offers to deliver Michael into T-Bag's power.

A line of prisoners proceed down a corridor. I assume they are leaving mess and returning to their cells. As Michael passes a door, a burly inmate tackles him and throws him through the door and into a large supply closet. It's Abruzzi and his gang -- and T-Bag. Didn't T-Bag used to have a gang of his own? What happened to the Fabulously Gay White Supremacists? Commercials.

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Prison Break




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