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Haywire -- dead!
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When we begin the episode, we're at a train station in the middle of nowhere. Dr. Sara disembarks, and she is looking remarkably good for a fugitive -- nice jeans, clean white tank, fabulous new 'do. Frankly, this is a recommendation for all of us to take up one-on-one work with brooding inmates and let circumstances carry us where they may.

As Dr. Sara and Michael look for each other in the crowd, Kellerman lurks around a corner. His mobile rings, and it's Madame President Evil again. She'd like to know where Kellerman is. He snaps, "Out in the cold, remember?" The camera's focused on Dr. Sara, and I just love that little bit of ambivalence, like we're supposed to think, Hmmm, maybe the way to his heart is through the third-degree burn directly above it. We cut to Linc looking all broody and bare-chested (one can only presume he's got an extra coat of Pec Gloss applied for weatherproofing) while Michael is bundled in a heavy charcoal tee and sweater, plus a skullcap. He looks like the offspring between Prison Blues and J. Crew, and again, it's sort of an incentive for the rest of us to construct elaborate prison break-out plans, if this is the end result.

So Michael and Dr. Sara finally set eyes on one another, and they exchange a long and very sweet hug. When Dr. Sara pulls away, Michael takes in the new 'do and smiles, and Dr. Sara's all, "Eh, when the APB's out for a redhead... " She then nods to Lincoln, who nods back, squinting around the glare of the light off his gleamy pecs to see who's actually saying hello.

Meanwhile, Kellerman is busy being needy into the phone: "It's funny how you only call me when you need me. Maybe 'funny' is not the right word." Madame Evil assures him, "All of this can go away, Paul." "Can it?" he replies as he looks at Michael and Dr. Sara together. Again, those of us who are a little nostalgic for the pie pals are wondering, Might Kellerman be pining for Dr. Sara? Madame Evil continues, "Please just come back to Chicago and turn Burrows and Scofield in. I promise you, I'll make everything go back to the way it was." Kellerman eyes Michael one more time and says curtly he has to go. Oh, Madame Evil, perhaps he's just not that into you anymore.

Dr. Sara's asking Michael if they actually have a shot. A shot at what is never specified, but it's presumably "a shot at ending this all soon." Michael thinks any shots are dependent on what Governor Dad gave Dr. Sara. They mumble small talk about the key, then Michael catches sight of the smirking Kellerman and says, "Sara, we've got someone working with us now." Dr. Sara turns around... and sees Kellerman.

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Prison Break




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