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Haywire -- dead!

And then, whoosh! We're back, thanks to the miracle of commercial-free digital tracks. We see people wearing clothing that is very similar to our gang's and they're all running with the cops in hot pursuit. But the minute the police pull out their guns, one of the runners begins shouting hysterically, "Don't shoot! Don't shoot!" Everyone turns around, and we see that one of the runners is, in fact, the same poor guy who got schnookered by Kellerman into the whole "I'm-transporting-a-fugitive" scheme. We learn via flashback that he gave the jumper message under duress, then was shoved out of the train at gunpoint. He tells the cops, "They told us to jump and run and not look back, or they'd shoot us." We do not get to see the cops' faces as they calculate this monumental waste of taxpayer dollars. On a slightly related note: I would love it if someone in Mahone's office was tallying the cost of all the assorted police fake-outs and pursuits. I know I'm curious as to how many hundreds of thousands of dollars the pursuit of assorted Team Escarpara members has cost.

Cut to Kellerman and company just casually strolling off the train at the next stop. Kellerman muses on how they need to find a car.

Then we go to Haywire, who is the only runner on this show that makes Michael look like something out of Chariots of Fire. Bellick, on the other hand, looks quite nimble. They've arrived at some decaying thing -- let's call it a grain elevator, since A) Wisconsin would have moved things across the Great Lakes (Gordon Lightfoot wouldn't lie to us, would he?) and B) this sort of thing looks like just the place to store the local farms' grain until it could be dumped into shipping containers. So -- grain elevator it is. The point is it's big and industrial and has many ladders. Haywire is heading up one now. Bellick declines to follow. He calls Mahone and tells him, "I got Haywire trapped." "Don't do anything -- just hold him 'til I get there," Mahone orders.

We go back to the Fantastic Four -- oh, come on! Why not? Does Linc not resemble the Thing with clobberin' time? Could Kellerman not pass for Mister Fantastic, since his neck has turned out to have fantastic stretching properties? Sure, the one-to-one comparison breaks down into screaming heebie-jeebies when you get to Sue and Johnny Storm vs. Michael and Dr. Sara, but nothing's perfect. Anyway, these fantastic four are cruising through the parking lot, casually checking doors to see if any are open, and it is worth noting that despite having swapped clothing with the hapless jumpers, Linc has STILL managed to find something that shares his sternum with the world. Michael, on the other hand, has definitely gotten the short end of the stick in this clothing swap.

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Prison Break




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