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Haywire -- dead!

Meanwhile, back at the train station, everyone is walking toward Kellerman. Linc leads the way, glowering silently under his hat. Kellerman says calmly, "Hi, Sara. What's done is done, we all want the same thing and -- ulp." Now would be a good time to mention that Michael has just grabbed Kellerman by the throat and slammed him up against the wall. As Michael strangles Kellerman, Linc keeps the body propped up. How... sweet? I mean, it's nice that he's backing up his brother, but there is that whole strangling thing. Anyway, Michael growls, "You didn't tell us you had left her to die." Kellerman claims he was going to pull her out, but Dr. Sara points out that actually, no he was not. Michael then whispers, "How long can you hold your breath? Maybe we should find out." Kellerman wheezes, "You need me and you know it." Michael reluctantly releases him.

Dr. Sara snaps, "Why do we need him? We've already got the key. We can figure out what it's for." Or Kellerman can tell you right now: it's to a humidor at a very expensive, very exclusive cigar club. Where's the club, you ask? As the music thuds ominously, Kellerman says, "Chicago."

We go into the credits wondering if Kellerman is telling the truth, or if he's just manipulating his fellow travelers into Madame Evil's barbed clutches. And fortunately for y'all, I'm recapping off the iTunes episode (long story short: don't let the 20-pound cat use the television as base camp when it attempts to scale Mount Bookcase), so you won't get any comments on commercials this time.

When the credits end, we're back in Wisconsin with Haywire, who's fretting to Barnabas, "We have to hurry. We have to hurry -- I did a bad thing." Choking back a sob, Haywire looks around and repeats piteously, "I did a very bad thing."

Cut to Mahone in FBI headquarters, who is insisting that all gas pumps on the interstate highways between Montana and Chicago bear the brothers' pictures -- "If they have no fuel, they can't get anywhere!" Wheeler comes over and says, "We might want to divert our attention away from Burrows and Scofield for a while." Mahone testily asks why he'd do that. Wheeler says bitterly, "Because one of the other escapees just killed a civilian." Mahone asks Wheeler to call the field office in Madison and get some agents out there on the scene. Wheeler says, "Okay. I'll notify headquarters." Mahone is all, "Come again? Am I not the boss of you?" and Wheeler replies that indeed, Mahone is not the boss of him. Everything is now going through direct headquarters. Mahone looks like he can barely swallow his dismay at this. Wheeler heads off to clear Mahone's plan, then his mobile rings.

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Prison Break




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