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Haywire -- dead!

Back at Fox River, Bellick -- out of prison blues and in a white dress shirt and rolled-up sleeves -- casually strolls on out, grabs a key from its spot on the top of a blue truck's tire, then hops into a blue truck. Inside, there's a fat wad of cash, an FBI dossier, and a sticky note with his name on it. Bellick also finds a gun and a badge. Grinning, he drives away. Given how easy it was for Bellick to just waltz on out of there, I am now wondering why Michael bothered to construct such an elaborate escape plan. All he had to do was find a way to get to the motor pool.

And now, in a completely different plotline, we jump to Benson, Minnesota, where C-Note and Dede are sitting at a diner counter. He's trying to coax his daughter to eat, but she tells him she doesn't feel good. We quick cut to C-Note flushing the restroom toilet: Dede's crouched in front, and he's wrapped himself around her, and while it's very sweet and parental (I have mentioned that I dig the way Rockmond Dunbar plays C-Note as a father, yes?), before I can stop myself, I ask the cats, "So did he not pick up the prescription that Kacee dropped in the trash back in Dakota? Was her going into the pharmacy and getting made all for nothing?" C-Note hugs her, and because he's behind her, we get to see the desperate, calculating look on his face. He scoops his daughter up, gives her a reassuring smile, then heads to the cashier's to ask for the check, but right as he's about to pay, some young man who's very angry about his 1990s-era sideburns and 2000s-era big hair decides to stick up the joint. Of course.

Back on the train, Michael's headed down to the bathroom to talk to Dr. Sara. He knocks on the bathroom door and calls her name, and she replies, "Not now." I don't blame her. The next time I'm in a lushly-appointed facility the size of my bedroom, I'm telling everyone to scram too. Michael sighs, debates pushing it, then heads back upstairs in full Blue Steel mode. He and Kellerman exchange meaningful looks, then Michael sits down to chat with Lincoln. I don't know why he bothers -- Linc is all, "Blah blah, doom and gloom, blah blah" as per usual. Poor Michael! He doesn't even have reading material to hide behind, so he's stuck repudiating El Pessimistimo. For this, he torpedoed his old life?

Kellerman decides to duck out of the car and call Madame Evil. She picks up immediately. Who knew the President of the United States hung out by the phone waiting for a boy to call? If this gets out, it will wreak havoc on her foreign policy: "Oh, I can't possibly go to the state dinner tonight -- Nouri al-Maliki said he'd call. It's been two days!" Anyway, Kellerman says, "Caroline, you said you were going to make this right. I need some specifics." She replies only, "Where are you? What's that noise?" Kellerman tells her he's on a train headed for Chicago, and he'll be there later today. He presses again for specifics, and Madame Evil replies, "Where are Burrows and Scofield. Are they with you?" Kellerman snaps back, "Don't worry about them. Worry about me!" He does not add, "I was nearly strangled twice today! There! Worried yet?" Madame Evil does not protest that she does worry about her little magnificent bastard. Instead, she dangles the prospect of being chief-of-staff in front of him. Kellerman does not reply, "Since I'm officially erased from existing, how's that going to help the hiring process?" He promises only that when they get to Chicago, they'll meet.

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Prison Break




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