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Haywire -- dead!

Michael is staring at Dr. Sara, and when she finally looks over at him, he reaches over and kisses her. And the first long kiss is all very sweet, but when he pulls away, Dr. Sara's giving him a look like, Brace yourself, Wenticorn, I'm about to take you for the ride of your life, and then they're off and going for the next twelve seconds. Just when things are about to get interesting, the train's brakes slam on and we hear the sharp squeal of deceleration.

Upstairs, Linc hangs his head out the nearest door. Kellerman joins him and they see a roadblock up ahead. We go to what would have been the commercials. When we come back, we see that Linc has decided to get around the locked-boxcar dilemma by just climbing up on top of the train, walking from car to car, then popping in to say hi to the conductor. Unfortunately, the conductor is not a gracious host, what with yelling, "Hey! You can't be in here!" So Linc upbraids him for his etiquette gaffe by putting his pistol in the guy's face. Within seconds, Linc's let in the rest of his traveling companions. He orders the conductor to run the roadblock. The train does. Unlike nearly every other train vs. car confrontation in the history of American rail transit, this one does not end with the trail derailing and creating the leading story on the local 6 PM news.

Then we cut to Bellick practicing his whole "Brad Bellick, FBI agent" line. It is quite poignant. Once he settles on an introduction that works for him -- "Brad Bellick. I'm with the Bureau" -- he takes it inside and uses it on Sasha. She seems unimpressed. She rolls her eyes as she tells him she's already talked to the cops. Bellick replies, "Yeah, well, I'm no local hayseed cop." He's right -- he's an imported hayseed ex-C.O. That's got to be higher on the law enforcement food chain. Bellick tells Sasha to stop lying, and he reads back her clearly false account in a tremendously skeptical voice. He tells her, "Charles 'Haywire' Patoshik is a paranoid who suffers from fear of crowds. He's terrified of strangers. If he's anywhere, he's in the middle of nowhere keeping to himself, bein' a weirdo." Sasha rolls her eyes and drawls, "And... ?" Bellick lies about being a tremendously decorated agent and points out that, as such, he will make a more credible witness than a juvenile delinquent. It's just too bad Sasha can't rebut, "And who do you think has a bigger credibility problem -- me or the guy who was recently railroaded into a conviction for killing his pal?" Instead she says, "I didn't ask him to do it, but if you didn't notice, I'm not exactly broken up over my dad's death. Why can't you just leave this Patoshik guy alone?" Bellick threatens to lock Sasha up if she doesn't give up Haywire's location. Seconds later, Bellick's called Mahone to pass on his lead. Mahone orders, "I'm on my way. Keep him there. Alone." On his way out the door, he snippily tells Wheeler, "Any information on Burrows and Scofield, I want to be notified instantly -- if that works out for you." Wheeler rolls his eyes. As do I, my friend. As do I.

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Prison Break




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