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It's Like Sophie's Choice, Only with More Beefcake
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We begin the episode immediately after where the other one left off: with complete and total panic among the world's finest scientific minds. Michael and Linc stand back to watch the hubbub, and thirty seconds later, one of the world's finest scientific minds happens to look up toward where the shots came from and notices the two brothers. His cries of "There they are!" alert a phalanx of cops.

Lincoln suggests they blend into the crowd, but Michael knows that won't work. He suggests heading toward the stairwell, but is confounded by the locked door. Linc picks up the murder weapon -- way to go with getting your prints on it, big guy -- and quickly shoots out the lock. That has dual benefits: the door swings open and the crowd goes into another panic. The brothers beat feet in the confusion. Linc leaves the weapon behind, since it's not like he and Michael will need to get out of any more sticky situations now that they're in an easily-accessed stairwell, right?

The boys go running through the service corridors and into the kitchen. A dozen cops are on their tails. Meanwhile, outside, Mahone is walking through the crowd of EMTs and dazed convention-goers. When he gets to Don Self, he says grimly, "This whole thing is falling apart." Don Self sarcastically answers, "Is it? It is really?" Mahone smacks him down by pointing out that once this hits the news, General Von Baldy's likely to conclude that Team Convenience there can't grab Scylla, so he'll just go after their families in retribution. Mahone concludes, "Yeah, that's really funny, isn't it?" Don Self rolls his eyes.

Back inside the hotel, Michael and Linc are hiding behind the serving trays in the kitchen. Michael speed-dials Mahone to ask him, "We're still in the hotel. Is there any way to get out of here without being seen?" Mahone tells him there is not, as there are cops and feds all over the place. Then Michael has to break two pieces of bad news: not only did he not get Scylla, "some guy got assassinated. And guess who got set up for it?" We cut to Linc rolling his eyes in exasperation, all, I didn't ASK to get set up, MICHAEL. Mahone irritably reminds Michael that they need Scylla, and Michael snaps that he's a lot less concerned about Scylla than he is about escaping the hotel with Linc. Mahone asks, "Oh, yeah? Where you going to go, Michael? With the [One World Conspiracy] breathing down our back [sic] again?" Sensing that Mahone is but one sentence away from a shrieking meltdown, Don Self grabs the phone and tags in. The look on Michael's face when he hears Don is priceless, and he demands to talk to Mahone again. "He's a little preoccupied right now," Don Self understates, continuing, "Look, you want to be mad, be mad at me after we get Scylla back. Now listen to me: the southwest loading dock is a large industrial door. It's not conducive to a quick exit. They only have one cop on it. You can get to the door, I can incapacitate the cop." Michael pettishly points out that he's on the opposite side of the hotel, and it will be difficult getting to the exit, as there are bazillion cops in the way. However, he and Don Self quickly figure out that the laundry's over on that side of the hotel, so if Michael and Linc can make it to the laundry, they can make it to the exit. They plan to do this by taking the hotel ventilation system to the laundry room; that'll put them right by the door.

Michael then requests that he be put on speaker so he can tell Self and Mahone to go to 4 Dunn Place where, in theory, Dr. Sara should be holding Christina Scofield hostage. "Make her tell us where Scylla is," he says, reasoning that doing so will get General Von Baldy and the forces of evil off everyone's backs for a while. Linc grabs the phone and growls, "Mahone, you do whatever you gotta do to get her to talk." Mahone's on it like a sunbonnet. Don Self has an expression like, "Damn, Burrows, that's hardcore." But in Linc's defense: the woman just set him up for murder. Wouldn't you want to deliver a smackdown?

Once the credits roll, we are whisked over to the condo where Lincoln and company were staying. FOX News is already on the scene, where some blowdried talking head is talking about how unconfirmed reports have pegged Lincoln Burrows as the assassin, along with "Michael Scofield, his mastermind brother." We cut to General Von Baldy doing a slow burn, and then his temper really blazes as he throws the remote across the room and shouts, "Christina sandbagged all of us!" He then orders his balding goon to head down to the hotel and make sure neither Lincoln nor Michael are caught. This is not because he yearns to see the boys fly free; Von Baldy is concerned about what they might say to the authorities. T-Bag volunteers for the mission, assuring Von Baldy "I will dispatch it efficiently," but Von Baldy shouts, "This is not an Alabama coon hunt, Teddy!" T-Bag says, "Don't judge me by desperate actions taken when there was a gun to my head. I ran an entire prison gang syndicate. Hardened felons called me 'Mister.' I'm so much more than a snitch, and if you continue to treat me as such, it will be your loss, General, not mine." General Von Baldy is pulling out his hair in frustration -- or he would be, had he any -- and he sets T-Bag straight: "Son, I have the fate of a multitrillion-dollar enterprise in my hands. And you want me to let you earn your stripes now?" He stalks off and we see T-Bag looking speculative. I think someone's just decided that he wants to assume control of a multitrillion-dollar enterprise. God help them all if he succeeds.

Back at the hotel, another ten dozen police have pulled up so they can join the mob inside. Michael's managed to find a Panda Bay swipe card on a maid's cart, and he and Lincoln scamper off so they can begin working their way toward the roof. After a standard chase scene where, as per usual, Michael and Linc manage to elude their pursuers, the pissed-off police chief orders the hotel security flunkie to lock every room in the hotel. Since the locks are electronically programmed, he can easily do so.

Linc and Michael attempt to lay down some internal Prison Break with Linc asking why they can't just take the stairs to the roof and Michael explaining that doing so would set off the fire alarm, whereas crawling through the ducts above the top-floor rooms will let the boys get to the roof undetected. All they need to do is to get into a room, which ... oh, look what the hotel security guys have done! They've locked every door in the place. Michael tests a few to confirm this, then states the obvious: "We can't go up, we can't go down ... we're trapped."

Fortunately for both of them, there's another maid's cart just standing in the hallway. Even more fortunately for them, they are nowhere near a TV set, as the FOX blowdried head is now reporting that "an anonymous source has provided FOX news with documents showing a wire transfer from Chinese operatives to Burrows and Scofield. The fallout from this from a geopolitical standpoint is staggering." We cut to Christina looking surprisingly grim for all that she's a she-viper with all the warmth of Pluto's surface, and she doesn't soften when Slick comes in with a big bouquet of flowers and the news that the prime minister (or, as they call him, Nandu) is reaching out to do business. Christina wanly tells Slick, "Nice audible on the Chinese document." He cheerily replies, "Thank you. Now we just watch the dominoes begin to fall." "I just wish they weren't falling on Michael," she says tightly. You know, you sort of made your own problem there, Christina.

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