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It's Like Sophie's Choice, Only with More Beefcake
hristina directs him to "reach out to our contact in China. I have a feeling they may be interested in what we're selling as well." As Slick moves Scylla to a smaller padded case, he cautions, "I don't advise playing both sides of this coin. Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered." Christina's immune to his animal-based analogies, and she orders him to reach. Out. To. China. Slick looks at her and drops the wee Scylla case on her desk before walking out.

Across town, General Von Baldy is shouting at people and Mahone is staring off in the middle distance, doing that getting-inside-the-minds-of-others thing he used to excel at. He reasons, "She played on India's emotions, which probably means she'd want to meet with one of their emissaries today while they're still running hot. She could still be in Miami, maybe at the embassy." Michael warms to his Mental Mind Mate's line of thinking but refines it: "Any deal she makes with India is strictly off the radar. She's concerned with two things. One is closing the deal on Scylla, which she's already done. The second is getting paid." T-Bag comes in to brightly announce that the sea has not surrendered Don Self's sodden remains just yet. Everyone sort of ignores him. Michael leads them all to a conclusion: Christina will have parked her ill-gotten Scylla gains in an overseas bank, but she'll want confirmation that the money's there before she leaves the U.S. "We find the money, we find my mother," Michael concludes. We then get a brief lesson in finance: it normally takes three days for an international wire transfer to clear unless the bank is a Federal Reserve signatory; in that case, it's immediate. Michael speculates that Christina will head to a bank to withdraw a few grand as a confirmation. Mahone sets to finding the Federal Reserve banks in Miami, because that's their best shot at finding Christina. General Von Baldy crows, "There, Michael, you see? That's why I didn't put your name in the bowl. You're the only one here that's irreplaceable. Agents, informants, muscle ... they're nice to have, but finally, they're replaceable." The apparently interchangeable Mahone has just found the one bank in all of Miami that is a Federal Reserve signatory, but that tidbit goes unremarked upon as the General kvells, "That mind of yours -- it's one in a million. Nice to see it finally working for me." Michael angrily says, "I do not work for you." The General says cheerily, "Not yet."

We zip over to the bank, where Christina and her tacky-ass French manicure are busy pushing a wire transfer confirmation across the desk to an easily-wowed clerk. "It's legitimate, I assure you. I just want to take out $10,000 so I can be assured the Luxembourg account is properly set up," she explains. As the clerk wanders off to go fetch a brick of currency, we see that Slick is sitting next to Christina and he's got the wee Scylla case on the floor. We zoom outside the bank and we see Mahone walking back to a car, looking distracted. He hops in and tells Michael and Lincoln that Christina's in there with Slick. Lincoln figures the plan is that when Christina and Slick come out, they'll just jump them. Mahone asks, "So what do we do about her security? I mean, we jump her, we gotta jump the guys she's with and God knows how many agents are gonna come crawling out of the woodwork like ants." He sighs heavily, practically giddy with fear over Pam and stress over this stupid job. Then Mahone says, "I hate to bring up the obvious, but last time I checked, you two still disagreed as to what to do with Scylla if we actually get it." There's an awkward silence. Mahone then says with forced cheer, "Yeah! That's what I thought." Linc says, "Look, let's just go in there and get Scylla. Who's going to stop us -- the 17-year-old security guard?" "Noooo ... probably the guy with the gun," Mahone says. The poor guy has gone completely dingy. Michael gloomily adds, "He'll fire as soon as he sees our faces." "Then maybe he shouldn't see our faces," Mahone says.

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Prison Break




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