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It's Like Sophie's Choice, Only with More Beefcake

Michael and Mahone manage to hide out in an alley and Michael promptly begins fretting about Lincoln: "He's taking too long. Something's happened. We need to go back for him." Mahone is like, "No, actually, we don't. Call first." As Michael's waiting for Linc to pick up, Mahone wonders aloud, "Now that we have this, what the hell are we going to do with it?" Michael just gives him a look like I have no idea. Plus he's out of his mind with worry over Linc. Once he hangs up, his phone rings. "Linc?" Michael quickly asks. But no -- it's General Von Baldy drawling, "I heard about the bank robbery on the radio. You boys just can't stand to be out of the news, can you? I assume you've got Scylla?" Michael lies, "We're close. We'll keep you posted." General Von Baldy lets Dr. Sara pipe up just then that they're all in her apartment, and the General says coldly, "I know you have it. Christina wouldn't risk a shootout otherwise. Now, I'm going to make this easy for you: bring me Scylla, or this time, Sara's death will not be faked." He clicks off.

We switch to Michael, who is practically in tears. Mahone asks, "What is it?" and Michael turns to him, tears in his eyes, and says, "The General has Sara." Mahone hands over Scylla with "Take it." Then Michael's phone rings again and he answers, "I swear, if you touch her--" "Hello, son. I believe you have something I want," Christina snaps. She's on the top level of a parking garage, and Slick has just handed her a gun. Christina continues, "I have something you want, although I'll never really understand why." She walks over to a minivan and the hatchback opens to reveal a bound and gagged Lincoln. Michael says slowly, "All right. Maybe we can work something out." Christina snaps, "I gave you the opportunity to work something out. You rejected me Michael ... so here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to shoot Lincoln through his right ribcage, just grazing the lower quadrant of his right lung. It will slowly collapse, making it very difficult to breathe. If he doesn't get medical attention within five hours, he'll be dead." As Michael begs, "Christina ... Mom ... please!" she shoots Lincoln. We see Michael screaming, "Linc!" and then Christina snaps, "Second hand's spinning, Michael. Looks like you have a little decision to make -- Scylla, or someone you love."

OH MY GOSH, WHATEVER WILL MICHAEL DO? We'll find out in the exciting season finale!

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