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In the prison meeting room, Veronica and Nick are going over the events of the murder with Lincoln. They get past how he fled the parking garage and dumped his gun down a storm drain. After that, Linc explains how he went back to his apartment, saw the bloody pants in his bathtub and zzzzzzzzz...sorry, that was Linc, not me. I think Dominic Purcell actually fell asleep in the middle of a line reading. Okay, not really, but he's that low-key. He gets to the cops busting in on him, but explains that his hands were wet from splashing water on his face. You'd think the difference between hands wet with water and hands wet with water and blood would have been noticeable by the cops. You'd be wrong. Nick brings up the gun, which "had [Linc's] prints all over" it. They lose me a bit here by talking about the gun Linc dumped and the murder weapon, which I'm assuming are two different things, because the former was dumped and (according to Veronica) never found again, while the latter was apparently found at matched to the slug that killed Steadman. But, whatever, there are bigger plot holes to fill. Linc insisted the murder weapon was planted, and when Nick reminds him his prints were all over it, Linc has a revelation. He brings up "Bo," the guy who "arranged everything." This looks like news to both Nick and Veronica. In flashback, we see Linc comparison shopping for some guns in a back alley with the seedy Bo looking over his shoulder. "That was the setup right there," Linc concludes, "one of those must have been the murder weapon." Nick wants to clarify that Bo set this whole thing up so Lincoln could clear a $90,000 debt. Wha...but...wasn't the debt owed to Crab? Never mind. Don't need to know. La la la. Rather than quibble over that discrepancy, Linc drops this bomb on his new lawyers: "He was going to kill my son." Thus the ostensible lowlife morphs into a noble lowlife. Travel safely, moral ambiguity!

As Veronica and Nick leave Fox River for their car...well, she looks less dejected than she normally does on her walks back to her car, for one. Nick inquires about the security videotape, the one that shows Lincoln firing the gun into Steadman's car even though he claims he never did. Nick wants them to take a look at it. Thank you! You know, that's the most intriguing thing about the set-up, and I'm glad they're going to look into it. Next week, but still.

Back at the No-Tell, Sucre's doing that hold-a-mirror-to-look-around-corners thing as he keeps lookout. Michael gets to unscrewing the sink apparatus. Sucre tries to help out FOX's "dumb-ass" demographic by asking Michael why come the chemicals didn't eat through the toothpaste tubes. Dude, one question and THAT'S what you're going with? Try asking how he filled the squeezed-out tubes to begin with, because that seems a little like...well, like putting toothpaste back into the tube. Weird when your analogy doubles back on itself like that. Anyhoo, Michael duhs that the chemicals are only corrosive when combined. Sucre: "You study chemistry or something?" Michael: "Not in school." So, basement meth lab, then? Sucre asks what dumping the Guinness into the Infirmary grate has to do with anything. Michael vagues his usual vague about how the Infirmary is the weakest link in the security chain. Basically, it's a "tune in next week and see" answer. The sink unscrewed, Michael thinks he's got enough grout removed from one of the blocks to kick it open. He's gonna need Sucre to make some noise, though.

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