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Sucre is only too happy to oblige, as he leans against the bars of the cell and begins crooning the 1970s Spanish language song, "Eres Tu." Sucre does a lovely job with it, and by "lovely" I mean "amusingly warbly," but I just can't hear this song and not think Tommy Boy. Michael asks if that's the best he can do. "Have some faith, Papi. Have some faith," Sucre winks back. And a hundred HoYay posts were born. Sucre ups the volume, and the first thing we see is Lincoln waking up with a start, looking very much like he just had another electric chair dream that we didn't see. Nice touch, show. Seriously. Anyway, the whole prison goes batshit with noise, and that's enough to cover Michael kicking out the cement block behind the sink. No sooner has the block been kicked out than Bellick and the COs arrive to shut everyone the hell up. Sucre gives the mirror another look, and with the coast clear, Michael pokes his torso out into the corridor he just accessed. Success!

Where else could we end this episode but at Agent Hale's house? He's working the Evil Agent With A Conflicted Soul angle for all it's worth, what with the checkered tablecloth, blonde wife, and 2.5 children (literally, wife's got a bun in the oven). He's a family man! How can he stand for such murder and corruption? Before his conscience can pull up its own seat at the dinner table, the doorbell rings. Why, it's Agent Kellerman. And he's got good news. Well, "good" news. In his hands is a transfer request. "Michael Scofield is getting shipped out tomorrow." Hale's conscience steps out back to take a piss, as the rest of him grins the satisfied grin of successful shady maneuvering. Michael's gonna have to do a whole lot of staring into the middle distance to get out of this one!

Next week: Pope's "Toledo" secret is revealed. Or at least heavily alluded to. Michael's getting transferred. "We got a runner!" Dogs! Searchlights! Plans gone awry!

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