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A knock at the door and in walks Becky, the Warden's secretary. She tells Pope that his wife is here. Pope freaks out a bit at the thought of his wife seeing Diorama-rama before it's ready to be unveiled -- he's really a rather skittish character for someone played by Stacy Keach -- and tells Becky not to let his wife into the room under any circumstances. He heads on out, leaving Michael alone with the popsicle sticks. Pope greets his wife warmly, but she immediately thinks he's acting funny. Was it the "Hi, sweetheart" that gave him away? Mrs. Pope asks what's going on in the Secret Diorama Room. "Oh...just going over some files," Pope says, not too convincingly. Must've been thinking about the widow's peaklet. "Becky said you were in a meeting," Mrs. Pope cross-examines. "This isn't Toledo all over again, is it?" Jeez, lady. I don't know about what happened in Toledo, but maybe you let your husband get a sentence or two in before you hit the Perry Mason routine? You don't know how many Bomb Pops the man had to go through to make that anniversary present for you. Anyway, Toledo's probably an important bit of back-story, but we stick a pin in it for a second while Mrs. Pope decides to investigate the Secret Room for herself. Before she can, Michael exits and says, "Warden, I'm not going to be able to cooperate. I'd get killed if I did." And then, "Johnson's still deciding," as he motions towards the closed door. Nice show of Michael's quick thinking abilities, although it still ain't files like Pope said it was. Pope tells his wife that he gets anxious with her being around the prisoners, and suggests they leave. He tells Becky to escort "Johnson" back to his cell." And because Becky behaves like an actual secretary and not a TV secretary, she doesn't follow that with "Johnson? We don't have anyone named Johnson." I bet she always knows which calls to forward straight to voicemail, too.

Meanwhile, Lincoln's shuffling along in his manacles on the way to a meeting with our intrepid Veronica. When he expresses some surprise to see her, she explains, "I'm your attorney. I'm representing you now." Okay, so now's about the time to mention that Robin Tunney is so unbelievably awful in this scene. I generally like Tunney, she kicked ass in Empire Records, and I haven't even been too bugged by her in this series so far. But in this scene she is so It was mentioned a couple times in the forums, but it bears repeating: every line reading she gives here is just dripping with clumsy sexual come-ons. Her words say "lawyer talk," but her voice says "adult film star." This is when the phrase "the performance had layers to it" is not a good thing, and the whiskey voice is not helping matters. So, here goes. Lincoln: "Last time I saw you you called me a liar." Veronica: "Things have changed. I believe you now." (Veronica, as played by Amber Waves: "How long as it been since you've had a woman?") Veronica sexes about how she found Leticia, who corroborated his story, but now she's missing, and Veronica thinks the Secret Service got to her. At the mention of the SS, Lincoln blanches at just how high up the conspiracy goes. "Do know what we're up against?" he asks. Veronica: "I know it's a lot more than either of us can handle on our own." (Veronica, as played by Amber Waves: "Take off your pants, sailor. Stay awhile.") Lincoln blurts out the name Project Justice. Veronica thinks she's heard of them. Lincoln says all they handle are death penalty cases. He'd sent them the information on his case. Maybe Veronica could take them this new information and get some help. With all that pesky business taken care off, Linc moves on to small talk, asking how Sebastian feels about all of this. "I haven't talked to him," she purrs. "The engagement's off." Linc lies that he's sorry to hear it. Veronica calls him on it, but doesn't seem to mind, what with her raging lady-boner and all. Veronica: "I better get to Project Justice." (Veronica, as played by Amber Waves: "This is a giant cock.")

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