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The offices of Project Justice. Veronica is meeting with Benjamin Forsik and an attractive junior lawyer named Nick. Forsik is sporting a Fu Manchu moustache that looks like it wandered in from the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, while Nick is, to the best of my knowledge, wearing George Stephanopoulos's hair. Veronica is pleading Lincoln's case and hoping to get help in investigating further. It's not going well. Leticia is (well, "was," but they don't know that yet) an ex-junkie, so her testimony's no good, and Veronica doesn't really have any new evidence to change their minds. Nick shows some inquisitive spark on the subject of Agent Kellerman paying Veronica a visit, but he's shushed by Forsik, who explains to Veronica that they just don't have the manpower to offer her any help. Defeated, Veronica thanks them for their time, although I personally think she should take comfort in the fact that she didn't come across like she was in the third act of Project Just Us: The Pro Bono Files.

Dejected, Veronica heads to her car. As she enters, we see Agent Hale parked a few cars ahead of her. He calls ahead to Kellerman, who is hard at work snooping around Veronica's house. He tells Hale he won't need much more time and hangs up while the camera closes in on the object in Kellerman's hand: a photo of Linc, Veronica, and Michael on Veronica's graduation day. Now. Here's what I don't get. Kellerman doesn't know who Michael Scofield is, either by name or by face, right? So how does that photo tell him anything? Unless the photo was labeled on the back with Michael's first and last names (which is kind of unlikely), AND Kellerman also found Veronica's case file on Michael (in her home and not in her office, where it would most likely be), then I'm having a hard time figuring out how two and two got put together here. I mean, sure, you could say it's the Secret Service and they can get information, but as we've been saying for weeks, if they were such an all-knowing conspiracy, why didn't they have Lincoln's family and connections plotted out sooner? Is Kellerman all of a sudden clairvoyant? Is he like The Dead Zone? It's a photo! Give me a break.

Anyway. Back to the No-Tell Prison Cell, as we see Haywire inspecting his OCD bathroom counter, which is currently missing the toothpaste that Michael emptied and pocketed. In case you were wondering, Schizoaffective Disorder does not encompass obsessive-compulsive tendencies. In fact, it's often characterized by highly dis-organized behavior. But on FOX, crazy is crazy (just ask Marcia Cross), so we should probably just go with it. Haywire asks after his toothpaste, and Michael -- sitting on the ground, staring out the cell bars, and looking every bit like he picked up the crazy-eyes contagion from his cellie -- tells him he hasn't seen it. It's a good look from Wentworth Miller, lots of exasperation with a teeny bit of malevolence thrown in to taste. Haywire stares into a mirror which blurs his crazy, crazy face.

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Prison Break




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