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An innocent civilian -- dead!
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Previously on Prison Break... Illinois had a living and breathing governor. Now, not so much. Also, Mahone killed Tweener in cold blood and Sucre decided to take the $5 million and run.

The episode begins by showing that Sucre has still decided to take the $5 million and run. The soundtrack's percussive thuds punctuate the back-and-forth camera work between Sucre's face and the faces of his surprised Team Escarpara colleagues. Then C-Note breaks the silence by politely inquiring, "What the hell are you doing, Sucre?" Michael whispers, "Sucre, whatever you want... " Sucre tells him he wants the money. Five million will go a long way toward hiring the permanent lighting crew that will keep the scary and dramatic shadows on Sucre's face. The badass look is a good one on him. Michael broods, C-Note acts outraged, and T-Bag just looks skeptical. Sucre snarls, "This is a business -- five million dollars' worth of business." Michael whispers bitterly, "Once a thief, always a thief."

Anyway, Sucre says sharply, "You only figuring that out now?" Then he shouts, "Backpack! Now!" C-Note is glaring daggers at Sucre so it falls to Michael to fetch a black satchel and bring it to Sucre. Michael is still trying to appeal to the better angels of Sucre's nature, while C-Note tries to appeal to Sucre's common sense with the observation that he is outnumbered. This is where C-Note has plainly miscalculated: since when have things like "reason" and "facts" ever made an impression on Sucre? Meanwhile, T-Bag continues to look shifty. He finally asks Sucre, "What are you going to do, shoot at all of us?" Sucre concedes, "Probably not." He then fires a shot at T-Bag's feet. We see C-Note's startled expression. We do not see the rapidly forming puddle around T-Bag's feet. Sucre snarls, "But I will get two [people shot]. Now, which two is it going to be?" There is much angry staring and manly clenching of jaws. Sucre takes off with an "Adios, amigos!"

Once we hear his little bike puttering off in the distance, we're left to witness C-Note's near-nervous breakdown. When he asks, "What are we going to do now, man?" T-Bag says indignantly, "Ain't no way I'm going to let that dunderpate ride off with FIVE -- ARGH!" Hee! Dunderpate is an excellent word. I applaud its use.

Cut to Michael coming in to tend to their hostages. He hands Jeanntte a butter knife and tells her, "I'm going to hand you this, and you should be able to cut yourself free in about an hour." Daughter Ann watches all of this with interest. C-Note would like to know what the plan is now; without even consulting his tattoos, Michael coolly tells him, "You can do what you want. I let that psychopath T-Bag loose once. I'm not going to do it again." He grabs a cord of some sort (extension cord?) and heads into the garage.

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