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Elisabeth Kubler-Ross posited that bereaved people pass through five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, despair and acceptance. There are five surviving and non-treasonous members of Team Scylla. So how appropriate is it that the episode starts with Sucre playing the part of denial ("He can't do this!") while Lincoln indulges in a little anger ("Self screwed us."). Then LINCOLN SMASH, beating the bejeesus out of the whiteboard where Team Scylla had planned all their previous capers. Once he's got all that out of his system, Michael announces the next step: he'll call Homeland Security and see exactly what they know about Don Self.

We then transition to gruff Homeland Security boss Herb Stanton fielding a call -- but it's from Don Self, who very convincingly fakes his own death with this little monologue: " ... It was Scofield ... and Burrows ... I think I'm shot ... I'm shot ... [mumble, mumble] you were right ... about this whole operation ... no, Burrows! BURROWS! [sound of gunshots]." Herb looks suitably horrified at hearing Don Self's apparent last moments.

We see that Don has been walking toward T-Bag whilst performing his one-man show, and T-Bag shrinks back in his seat, muttering, "No, no, no" as Don leans in through the window. Don pokes in his gun and says, "I need to find Gretchen. You gonna help me, or am I gonna shoot you in the face?" T-Bag will take option #1, please.

Back at Team Scylla HQ, Mahone's pacing around while everyone else listens raptly to Michael navigating the phone tree at Homeland Security. Linc mutters, "We gave this guy something worth a hundred million dollars." Sucre has moved on to the hitherto-undocumented portion of the grieving process known as "elaborate conspiracy theories," postulating that Don Self may not have even been a Fed. Mahone smacks that down with logic and reason, but when have either of those cognitive functions ever made a dent on Sucre? When Michael finally gets connected to Herb, he hangs up, possibly because he shares Dr. Sara's concern that Homeland Security is in on Don Self's set-up job. Mahone hotly points out that "[Don Self[ kept himself too insulated. That's why -- that's why he hesitated with official authorizations on behalf of our mission. He kept saying it was because he didn't want [the One World Conspiracy] to know. In actuality, it's because he didn't want to get caught, that son of a bitch!" Then he calms down a little and reminds everyone that if Homeland Security already knows where Team Scylla HQ is, then sooner or later, they'll be paying a visit. Mahone votes for taking off. Dr. Sara reminds everyone that Michael needs surgery, and Michael rolls his eyes with a mixture of anger and embarrassment. Mahone argues, "I'm not talking about running. I'm talking about surviving."

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Prison Break




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