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Happiness is a warm gun

Gretchen and Self are waiting for Vykin down by the train tracks, and she unwittingly replicates T-Bag's "Is this what you're thinking?" speech before, only a lot more derisively: "This all ends with a three-story hut in Tahiti, right? A flat-screen TV, a couple of jetskis outside. But what you're going to find, Don, is once the rush is over, once you're done patting yourself on the back and you don't have anyone else to tell the story, you're going to be just as alone as ever. That's who Don Self is." She must have hit a nerve, because Don calls T-Bag and instructs him to take out his gun, aim it at Rita's head, pull back the hammer and scare the hell out of Gretchen. Fortunately, his sadistic little exercise is interrupted by Vykin's call to Gretchen; Vykin wants to meet with Don in 15 minutes. We cut to T-Bag irritably hanging up the phone and putting down the gun. It's amusing that he is not at all keen on doing violence to anyone unless it's his idea.

And now, a scene to establish that Michael is still the inventive guy we all know and love. Dr. Sara and Sucre have been told to rendezvous at a Greyhound bus station, and Mahone comes over to explain, "Michael's safe. We're not going to be able to do this alone. He's doing what he has to do, and we're going to do our part, and right now, it's getting on that bus and getting out of the city. And we've gotta go now. He just wants you both to be safe. And we've got to go, we've really gotta go." Dr. Sara is not down with the ride-out-of-town plan, and she wants to know where Michael is. Mahone only sighs and walks toward the terminal.

We then see Michael heading into Team Scylla HQ. Herb makes introductions, and Michael says shortly, "I'm here to give my testimony, and then I'm leaving. With my brother." Michael sits down, and Herb asks, "All right, gentlemen, tell us what you know." Still standing is U.S. marshal Souter, eying the entire proceedings with queasy suspicion.

Back at the bus depot, Sucre and Dr. Sara are busy debating whether or not they really want to hop a bus and get out of town. Actually, it's not much of a debate, as neither one of them want to. The only real debate is over who loves Michael more. Sucre's all, "I want to do whatever Michael wants me to do!" and Dr. Sara is like, "I want to do whatever I can to make sure Michael has our help when he needs it!"

Back at Team Scylla HQ, Herb and the senator are taking a break and drinking in the dockside scenery in beautiful San Pedro. The senator mutters, "I didn't know Don Self had it in him." Herb gloomily points out that this makes the whole situation really, really gruesome: "We're not talking about our careers anymore. We're talking about real jail time. We get 15 years just for conducting an unauthorized operation without congressional approval. [pause] Or not. This doesn't have to be about containment anymore. It can be about excision." There are but a few letters between "excision" and "execution." The senator thinks for a moment, mulls life in the big house compared to yet another hearing where Detroit's automakers blithely insist that the country should continue to underwrite their massive corporate missteps, then decides that jail just narrowly loses. So he gives the go-ahead to kill Team Scylla.

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Prison Break




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