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Happiness is a warm gun

Back inside HQ, Herb and the senator -- it sounds like a really bad easy-listening band from the 1970s, doesn't it? -- grill Michael and Linc as to where the other members of Team Scylla might be. Michael lays it out: "They're not coming. Linc and I will testify, but the others -- well, we all get immunity. Those are the terms." Herb protests, "We can't have the others running around while we try to wrap this up! Can we call them, can we get them here?" Dallow adds, "The deal was for all of you. Those were the terms." Linc bursts, "Listen, pal, you're going to get what you want." Herb presses, "Are you going to call them or not?"

Michael turns to Dallow and says ruefully, "There never was a deal, was there, senator?" Dallow rolls his chair away from the table, already mentally rehearsing whatever excuses he'll be giving in a press conference. Herb says, "I wish I could give you a better answer, Michael. Don Self left a lot of rough edges. We have to smooth them out." Linc and Mike refuse to give up their friends, but Michael continues to insist that he can get Herb both Self and Scylla. Herb's got his gun out, and as he trains it on Michael, he says, "Scylla? Oh, we're past Scylla. Between getting it back and ending this now, the choice is simple." Then he turns to Souter and says, "You wanted your supermax answer, you got it. [turns to two goons] Escort Mr. Souter out." Herb aims his gun at Michael's head and says, "I'm going to count to five. One, two, three --"

Then shots ring out and Herb goes down! Michael, Linc and the senator all hit the floor, and when no more shots are forthcoming, they cautiously get back up again. Souter enters their conference area, gun drawn, and says, "You've got an appointment with the general." Michael looks at him all, "You've got to be kidding me."

Right outside, Dr. Sara and Sucre are pulling up to Scylla HQ in a taxi. Sucre tells Dr. Sara to wait while he scopes it out. Then we abruptly zip over to Don and Gretchen's meeting with Vykin. There's a little small talk between Gretchen and Vykin -- "You're no longer working for the general?" "Correct" -- and then Don barges in demanding to know if Vykin wants to buy Scylla. Vykin coolly says, "Well, the general has offered a reward for anyone who can return Scylla, along with the heads of the transgressors." Don looks panicky for a moment. Then Vykin slyly smiles and says, "I appreciate you offering me the opportunity to kick the general in the teeth." I sort of like this guy. Is that wrong? I don't want it to be wrong. Don Self then whips out Scylla, and Vykin heads off to check it out.

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Prison Break




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