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Happiness is a warm gun

Inside Scylla HQ, Souter's smack-talking as he holds a gun on everyone, which strikes me as the dumbest move ever. Is sneaking around and silently killing your enemies now considered hopelessly recherché? Anyway, while he's babbling, Sucre has time to pick up a piece, wander into the main area, and surprise the hell out of Souter. Then Linc grabs the surprised Souter's piece and finishes him off. Then he turns it on the freaked-out senator all, "You were going to kill us!" The senator hastily ass-covers with "It was Stanton who made that call! What was extremely complicated 30 seconds ago is not so now. There were six people alive who knew about this operation. Two are still alive: one is on the run, and I'm the other. And I'm not saying a word." Michael snarls, "You're not getting off that easy, senator. You are going to help us." The senator's all, "Everything that's left of Scylla is on the conference table. Have at it! Feel free to destroy the folder so that there's no proof any of this ever happened. Now please do not shoot me in the back as I leave." Well, thanks for nothing, Senator.

And now, Michael has to face the wrath of Dr. Sara, who walks up and tells him, "I will kill you myself the next time you do something like that!" About time that woman told him what's what! Michael hugs her, plainly relieved to see her despite having previously resolved himself to be a self-sacrificing weenie. Again. Linc asks where Mahone went; Sucre only replies that he's gone.

When Vykin comes back, he tells Self that "We can do business once you get the rest of Scylla ... it's incomplete." Don Self is horrified to find this out, and shortly after he calls Vykin a clown, Vykin says, enunciating slowly for the meathead's benefit, "There's a piece missing, Slick. Look. Here." Don gapes, aghast. Gretchen silently seethes ... and we flash to Michael double-checking to ensure that the Scylla chip he secreted in the bathroom at the beginning of the episode is still there. Once he retrieves it, his phone rings. "Hello, Don," Michael says. Cut to Don saying, "I believe you have something that belongs to me." Michael snarls, "Come and get it." And we'll find out next Monday if Don Self does.

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Prison Break




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