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Happiness is a warm gun

Down on the dock, Linc and Mahone are debating the smartest course of action -- to flee to parts unknown, what with every major law enforcement organization in the country after them, or stand firm and take down Self. Mahone is in favor of running: "I want this guy as much as you do, but we're scrambling here. I don't know how long Self has been planning this thing, and from the looks of it, it's pretty airtight." We cut to Linc clutching his head, all LINCOLN HEAD HURT FROM THINKING.

Meanwhile, Gretchen's just discovered a house full of dead Asian thugs. It sort of looks like the beginning of Kung Fu Hustle gone horribly wrong. On the plus side, Gretchen's lipstick looks fabulous. I must know her secret for keeping that perfect glossy finish wherever she is. When her phone rings, Linc greets her with "Gretchen." "I hope you were calling to tell me where Scylla is, Lincoln!" she snaps. Linc asks, "You don't know?" No! She doesn't, so Linc fills her in: "Self double-crossed us and he took Scylla. You know where he could be?" Gretchen pauses and visibly scrambles to put herself in Self's size-elevens. She finally says, "If I'm Self, I'm looking for a new buyer." Linc replies, "A new buyer? If you're playing me, I'm going to split you in half." Not if Gretchen and her Jungle Red claws have anything to say about it. However, she first feels like sinking them into Self, so she arranges to meet with Linc in an hour at Granhope Park. Then her phone rings again. It's Gretchen's sister, who says very tensely, "It's Emily. She's been in an accident." Gretchen immediately snaps, "I want you to tell whoever's got a gun on you to grow a set and get on the phone." Rita swallows hard and politely tells Self, "She wants to talk to you." Self takes the phone and asks, all frat-boy-like, "'S'up, Gretchen? Time to come home now." Oh, I hope he lives to regret this strategic move. His smugness is unforgivable.

Back at the hotel, Sucre is pointing out -- not unreasonably -- that Gretchen does not have a track record for upstanding behavior, what with her having waited for them at GATE with machine gun in hand. Linc relies, "This chick's a mercenary. She'll do whatever it takes to get what she wants, and right now, we just happen to want the same thing." There's some more hand-wringing on Sucre's part, and Michael and Mahone take turns expositing about how this is totally crazy, but they just might be able to bring Self down, and then everyone takes their Team Scylla walkie-talkies and prepares for the park meeting.

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Prison Break




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