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We then see that supersmart Don Self is unfamiliar with how hot goods are moved through the underworld: when Gretchen tells him she's got a broker -- aka a conduit -- named Vykin, Don's irritated and confused. Gretchen is equally touchy, and she tartly explains, "We're not exactly moving heroin here; it's a little more specialized. There are five people in the world who know what to do with Scylla, and are willing to pay for it." Don Self decides he and Gretchen are going to go meet with Vykin, and that T-Bag will stay with Rita and Emily. Gretchen tells T-Bag, "You will remain a captive of my negativity if you lay a hand on either one of them." Haaaa! I am growing to like and admire Gretchen as a character. T-Bag's all, "Hey, I warned you not to screw me over," but that doesn't trouble Gretchen nearly so much as Rita standing up and slapping her hard does. Rita huffs, "How could you?" Gretchen must really love Rita, because she doesn't even reflexively threaten to kill her. Instead, she says sincerely, "I'll be back very, very soon. And I promise you, that man is not going to hurt you." Rita only slugs Gretchen again. Since the wires are crossed in Gretchen's brain and torture = love, she fixes Rita with her big baby blues and promises that she'll fix this. As she walks off with Self, he smugs, "Gretchen, you're making friends left and right, huh?" Oh my God, the inevitable bullet to his brain cannot happen soon enough for me.

Back at Team Scylla HQ, the interrogation continues, only along a Good Senator/Bad Agent sort of patter. Dallow shares the news that Don Self wasn't able to delete his files, and "they're giving us a better picture of who he was and what he was up to." Linc leans over to look at Herb and asks, "Honorable, huh?" Herb is like I may have been wrong. Anyway, it turns out that Don Self had set himself up with a whole new ID as Robert Walker, one banking customer of the Cayman Islands, and he was planning on skipping town tomorrow morning. Senator Dallow says, "First of all, we owe you an apology. And second of all, when we get our hands on him, it's going to be paramount to get your help ... your testimony and the testimony of your brother and the others against Self in exchange for full immunity." Linc stubbornly insists they already had a deal. Dallow is like, " ... Eh. Not really. We need your friends to come in so we can get to nailing Self. Sound good?" Linc replies, "What if they don't? We've got a whole bunch of trust issues." That's an understatement. Dallow replies, "Then you'll all rot in a supermax prison. DHS is prepared to fly into the face of this thing, or to bury it. It's your choice, Mr. Burrows."

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Prison Break




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