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Cut to Michael back in the no-tell hotel, getting a call from Linc. He asks to be put on speaker, and the remainder of Team Scylla gathers around to hear that DHS knows that Don Self's one smarmy bad apple. Then he adds, "If we testify against Self, we get full immunity." "Immunity from what? We did the job they hired us to do," Dr. Sara asks. The senator rolls his eyes. Linc kicks back to watch the show. And then Dallow introduces himself to Michael, appealing to him with, "We have evidence that supports your claims. I'm giving you my word: your troubles are over now. Please come in so we can end this." We cut to Michael brooding over this offer.

After a quick cut over Los Angeles (yep -- still there!), we come back to Michael announcing to the others, "I've decided -- or rather, I think that we should hear the senator out. And if everything goes south, I do have a backup plan: Sucre, I want you to go with Sara to the meeting place and get a lookout. Alex and I are going to make sure they don't bring any surprises by doubling back to the warehouse, and then following them to the rendezvous." Michael then hands over an address to Sucre, claiming it's where they're meeting Senator Dallow. Mahone leaves, and Sucre leaves, and then it's just our two lovebirds alone in a seedy motel. Perhaps Roland's vision of hot fugitive sex down the southern California coast is about to come to fruition. Or perhaps we're going to get yet another relationship talk. Yep -- that's where we're headed. Dr. Sara is not looking at Michael as she says, "My father spent most of his political life chasing justice. It was sort of an obsession, and my mother and I could never understand why he'd so easily make other people's problems his own. And I think it's why she left him. And Michael, you remind me more and more of him these days, the way you put everyone else's problems before your own." Hold on -- only recently has this penny dropped? It didn't when he got himself thrown into prison for Linc, or when he got himself thrown into prison for her? Anyway, Dr. Sara got Michael's attention with the "You're like my daddy" line, but she continues, "That said, I want you to know that if this meeting with Senator Dallow doesn't go the way you want it to, you don't have to worry about you and I. Nothing's going to come between us." Michael skeptically says, "Yeah. And everything is going to be okay, right?" These two! They make the interactions in a Merchant-Ivory film look like hard-core porn, they're so remote. (Tangent: I've been trying to figure out why the sight of Michael and Dr. Sara together leaves me so cold after how much I enjoyed them in seasons one and two. With all the breast-beating and carrying on Michael did over his dead ladylove last season, you'd think he'd be on her like white on rice now, but instead he's like, "Ho hum, time to brood." I do not get where these two are going.)

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Prison Break




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