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Everyone heads back into the tunnel. Michael gives their work an appraising eye. Mahone looks up at the wooden ceiling that's keeping several pounds of sand at bay and stammers, "I thought we couldn't dig through this stuff." Michael says, "This operation is going to be tricky. Unless the tunnel gets the proper support, it's all going to come down on our heads. We should have the material for the braces, but we need a saw to cut them to size -- and a hammer." Michael promises they'll be out in two days.

Outside the tunnel, Lechero sends T-Bag out to get the supplies they need. Much is made of how T-Bag will have to go down the corridor on the left to cell 40. After T-Bag heads out, Lechero wipes his face with a bandanna and reflects on how hard it is to be him, what with the escape plans and the underlings calling for the head of his CEO (chief escape officer) and Augusto on the outside -- the beaded curtain rattles and Lechero says, "Are you lost already, Teodoro?" Sammy sticks the gun into the base of Lechero's skull and says, "No. But you are."

Of course, this is when we go to the credits. And then, because I am not constrained by the quaint commercial interruptions, we go right back to Sammy and Lechero. Sammy has announced the succession plan -- "This is my room now!" -- and Lechero just listens as Sammy continues, "If you'd gone after Scofield today, all would have been forgiven." Lechero calmly tells him this is suicide, and Sammy cocks the gun as he says, "I'll take my chances." Lechero says, "Yeah? You think you can run Sona? You couldn't even run shipments from one dock to another, but I still keep you by my side." This seems to affect Sammy and he says hoarsely, "I'll let you walk out of here, out of respect for what you were." Lechero takes off as Sammy fights tears. Then, Sammy heads for the door to the stairs.

Down below, the would-be escapees are still blissfully ignorant of the coup. All they know is that Sammy and a couple of his closest friends have descended the staircase and are looking for the booze. On the other side of the door, Michael, Mahone and Whistler freeze. Fortunately, the bottles are clinking too loudly for Sammy et al to hear the diggers.

Sammy then swaggers out onto the balcony, silences the chattering inmates with a piercing whistle, then shouts, "I am running things now! Anyone got a problem with that?" We cut to Lechero, who is only now realizing that he's not going to have one of those cushy, Jean-Claude Duvalier-style retirements. Sammy continues by dangling the chicken foot and shouting that anyone is welcome to fight him. We cut to a bunch of weary-looking inmates all, No, thank you. Sammy then gestures to the case of rum one of his flunkies is holding and shouts, "First order of business: a case of rum to the man who brings me Michael Scofield!" The crowd goes wild at this. So wild, in fact, that Michael can hear them down below. It's not clear whether he hears the death threat too, but knowing Michael, it's reasonable to assume that particular scenario's on his top-five list of Things That Can Possibly Mess Up THIS Escape Attempt.

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