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However, Bellick's pending death is delayed by the news that Sammy's little posse has found Scofield. He drops the nearly-dead Bellick, leaps up into the suite like some sort of demented comic-book character -- and by the way, I have been thinking that Prison Break really missed its medium. It could be an awesome comic book series. Just imagine how seasons one and two would have looked if we had different panels focusing on the tattoo details as they became relevant to the plot (I'm thinking pencils by someone like Scot Eaton, whose work on X-Factor is nicely moody and would fit the look of this series), and imagine how much opportunity we would have had to see spin-offs and backstory. I'm just saying...I think the series would be better-served, story-wise, in that medium. But I'm also a comics dork. ANYWAY, as I was saying, Sammy quickly heads into his suite, down the passage and stairs and to the closed door where his underlings are currently conducting tests to see if they can determine Whistler's blood type by which way it spurts after they hit him. Between mouthfuls of Type O, Whistler insists he has no way to open the door.

Sammy cocks a gun and Michael has a freakout. Mahone restrains him. Sammy somehow hears this (how? Also, his vest is back on again -- I guess when your biggest fashion critic is busy bleeding in the courtyard, you feel confident enough to wear whatever you please) and shouts that if the door's not opened soon, it will be decorated with Whistler's brains. Michael and Mahone have a tense little debate. Mahone says, "You saw those guys! What do you think they've got planned?" and Michael snarls, "What do you suggest, Alex?" Mahone pulls it together and begins preparing for the inevitable fistfight. Michael listens to them beating Whistler and his eyes bug out.

Meanwhile, on the outside...Sofia's asking if the reason Linc won't spill about the bomb's intended target is because he's jealous of the spiffy communication skills she has with her boyfriend. Honey, I hate to break it to you, but he's going to be using a notepad to lie to you for a while once his lip blows up to twice its normal size. Linc tells her she doesn’t need to know what's going on, but assures her it'll be all right. Sucre pops by to give a status report. Linc heads out to the hall to talk to Sucre, and here we learn that Sucre's under the impression that he successfully snowed Susan B. We also learn that Linc intends the bomb to go in Susan B.'s car -- he gives it to Sucre and instructs Sucre to contrive a way to get in Susan B.'s car so he can slide it under the seat. Sucre nods his assent, then asks if Sofia'a okay, noting, "She looks upset." Why, what possible reason might Sofia have for being upset? Linc can only gape in dismay. Sucre takes off before he catches a case of embarrassment off Linc.

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