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Back in the prison, Lechero's been walked down to open the door. Here, he demonstrates some of those leadership qualities that kept him on top of the prison game: he manages to stall and needle Sammy about his over-reliance on a little gun. You have to admire that kind of multitasking. Sammy shoots over Lechero's shoulder and smugs, "Funny, I'm feeling pretty secure right about now." Wait until the bullets run out. Michael announces that he's opening the door, and everyone who was in the hall runs into the tunnel. There's a little bit of a fracas, and then Sammy gets a gander at what's been going on. He turns to Lechero with a genuinely agonized expression, crying, "You're escaping with him?" Lechero says that he was going to tell Sammy, and Sammy, stricken, says, "It just never came up, eh?" Michael looks over at Whistler, who's sort of sliding down the wall in a pulpy pile of pain, and grits to Sammy, "Take it -- it's yours. The tunnel, the escape plan, everything." Sammy recovers enough to say, "I'm taking everything you got. But you're going nowhere." Michael says, "Promise you'll take Whistler with you." Sammy replies with a punch to the face. Whistler is all, "No, actually, you need Michael. He knows everything." Michael talks about making braces, and sort of manipulates Sammy into looking at the shaft. Sammy shouts, "Impressive, blanco! Too bad you won't be around to enjoy it." And, since a few hundred pounds of sand just fell onto his head, neither will Sammy. Miraculously, nobody else is buried in the rubble. In fact, all the would-be escapees recover so quickly, they're able to quickly overpower their would-be captors. Lechero dispatches the remaining thugs with that little gun he was so contemptuous of.

Then they all try to figure out how big of a setback the cave-in is. Mahone frets about the guards noticing a huge sinkhole opening up in No Man's Land. Michael just looks at Sammy, half-buried in the dirt. Lechero and Mahone scramble aboveground to confirm: no giant sinkhole yet. Yippee!

And now, a scene that I think is pretty bad-ass. Lechero is systematically kicking the bodies of his ex-posse off the second-story ledge. Below, in the courtyard, the remaining inmates are silent. Lechero then grabs back his case of rum, gives everyone a hard look, and goes back inside.

Down in the courtyard T-Bag's crowing about being back in business, and Bellick's had enough of a miraculous recovery from his near-death pummeling to ardently insist he's still in on the escape. T-Bag hisses, "For what? Getting your ass kicked?" Bellick insists, "I'm in. Or I shout it from the rooftops." T-Bag gives him a look that can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways, You pick which one.

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Prison Break




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