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Aldo Burrows -- dead!
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Previously on Prison Break: Lots of stuff happened, but the final shot was on Dr. Sara drowning in a tub courtesy of Kellerman. So no doubt, the episode will open with the continuation of that tense scene, right? Right?

Wrong. Instead we get a close-up of Michael, all shell-shocked and freaked out, staring at Aldo and repeating, "It was you." Aldo tells him to go easy, and Michael's all, "Stay away from me." Linc is wearing an expression like, "Well. This is not going at all as I imagined." He wants to know, reasonably enough, what's going on. Michael is getting more hissyfitty by the minute; he insists, "I know him! I know him!" Lincoln posits that this is impossible. Michael repeats that he knows Aldo. We flash back to the boy Michael being tossed in a closet; a male silhouette looms in the doorway before slamming the door shut. Aldo moves forward again, saying, "Michael... " and Sucre steps up, saying, "Maybe that's far enough." (They are so totally registered at Sur La Table.) (Also, so long as I'm making parenthetical comments: isn't Sucre so much more awesome when he's not all, "Wah wah wah Maricruzzzzzzzzzzzzz... " Sorry -- I drifted off just thinking about that plotline.)

Lincoln asks, "What the hell's going on, Dad?" Michael finally realizes he's acting just a wee bit drama-queeny, and pulls it together enough to give us the backstory: "After Mom died, you were in juvie. They put me with this... this foster father, down on Pershing Avenue. He punished me, locked me up." We flash back to Boy Michael sitting in the spookily-lit room. Michael continues, "If you leave someone alone in the dark for that long, their eyes start to adjust. They start to see things, no matter how small." This narrative is beginning to sound suspiciously like the Smeagol-to-Gollum transformation, but I suppose it's too much to hope that Michael will begin gamboling about, shrieking, "We wants it! Give the precious to usssss!"

Anyway, Michael's career as a prison-breaker-outer was off to an early start, but his foster "father" had kept the door hinges extra-squeaky, and the minute Boy Michael jiggered the door, the foster father pummeled him back into a corner.

And then, inexplicably, we cut away. I have no idea why. It's not like this is a tension-laden narrative flashback. Since adult Michael is telling the tale, obviously he survived, and since he's also pointing fingers at Aldo, obviously Aldo had something to do with it. Would it have killed anyone to have just seen the scene through to its logical conclusion? ANYWAY. Here we are, at the bottom of the world's nicest hotel bathtub with Dr. Sara. We cut to footage of a fish swimming along and some sweetly sincere fishing guy explaining the merits of assorted lures. As the fishing program continues, Kellerman unpacks a neatly-folded blue tarp and spreads it on the floor.

A knock on the door interrupts these housekeeping duties. Kellerman pauses, then resumes his postmortem prep, taking out a hacksaw and some rubber gloves. There's a second knock, and as Kellerman heads to the door, the manager opens it. The security chain keeps the door from swinging wide open, and Kellerman's able to block the view of the room. The manager tells the very sweaty and visibly edgy Kellerman that a couple of the guests are complaining about the TV volume. "Ask them if they'd like to be complaining about the volume of my victim's death struggles," Kellerman does not reply. We flash to Dr. Sara working loose from her duct tape bonds. Kellerman promises to turn down the TV. The manager is all, "Great. I'll wait." While Kellerman does that, Dr. Sara continues to splash away; we see her getting ready to pry out the tub stopper with her teeth. I know, I know -- suspend your disbelief.

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