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I feel like I should open this recap with a warning and apology: I am currently in the grips of some death flu, so anything I write may or may not be the product of drug cross-reaction or a spiking fever. You've been warned. If I break into stanzas describing a stately pleasure dome, just assume it's the delirium and/or Robitussin and move on.

So let's get this recap started. The episode begins with Dr. Sara standing outside the Team Scylla warehouse, watching a yacht move down the shipping channel. Michael comes on out and after commenting on the status of the footage he shot with his phone (it's grainy), he notices the yacht and asks Dr. Sara if she's ever been on one. She has, but that was back in her drinkin' days, so she has no recollection of it. Michael wryly comments that there aren't a lot of yachts where he's from; he does not add that spending eighteen months holed up in your apartment planning a prison break can cut into your time on the marina. Dr. Sara says, "I always wanted to live on one. I thought it'd be kind of nice to have the ocean as my front yard." Michael makes an expansive gesture and says facetiously, "The ocean is your front yard!" Either I'm hallucinating from the surfeit of guafinesin in my system or Michael just cracked a joke. Michael asks what's wrong with the yacht she's currently bunking on, and that leads to the two of them agreeing to drop it in the water and sail it away one day.

Then Sucre appears in a jealous rage because nobody steals his man Michael to summon Michael. There's a fuzzy image of a license plate, courtesy of the footage on the phone, and within moments, Michael, Mahone and Dr. Sara have surmised that it's a diplomatic plate. While they're prevailing upon Roland to try and clarify the image, Bellick blathers on about the six Ps: prior planning prevents piss-poor performance. Sucre sneers, "Why don't you quit shaking your ass and say what's on your mind?" It turns out that Bellick's already assumed they'll get all the cards (reasonable, given what he knows about Michael) and is now fretting about the breaking-in portion of the mission. Everyone is like, "Let's worry about that later, hmmm?" and they return to fretting about the here and now. Within seconds, the blurry flag's been identified as Turkish and Michael's raring to head to the Turkish consulate in Los Angeles. While Roland pulls up this show's version of that website I just linked to and introduces us to Turkish Consul Erol Tabak, Linc takes the opportunity to whack Bellick on the back and instruct him to get with the program. Anyway, the scene ends with the guys deciding to stake out Mr. Tabak, Dr. Sara deciding to give the phone-shot video the Zapruder treatment, and our lovebirds promising each other "one day."

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Prison Break




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