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Undercover Brothers

We then cut to our away team lurking in the courtyard that's conveniently placed outside the consulate, and when Lisa appears, Sucre prepares to spring into action. But Mahone stops him, pointing out that Lisa's surrounded by three guys in suits forming a triangle around her. It's as if she's reversed the genders on a Robert Palmer video, which Lisa may well have done, but really, those three guys are also One World Conspiracy goons meant to keep anyone away from her. "We're not getting near anyone today," Mahone concludes. The One World Conspiracy squad walks out of view, and who should pop into Linc's line of sight just then but T-Bag? The look on Linc's face when he realizes what he's seeing is a hilarious blend of resignation and irritation. I like how he's not even surprised anymore. T-Bag, on the other hand, looks like he's about to soil his shorts. And when Michael and Linc begin sprinting across the plaza to get to T-Bag, the one-handed ex-con does not run toward them, screaming like a man with a blood vendetta. He flees.

We get a footrace -- T-Bag has the sense to ditch the bird book in a bank of impatiens as he runs -- and he hides behind a kiosk to catch his breath. When T-Bag peers around a corner, he discovers that he's looking right into Linc's face. "Hey, Teddy," Linc says calmly before slamming T-Bag into the kiosk wall. T-Bag gasps out, "If it ain't the Brothers Grim." Oh, good one. But I personally would have gone with "the Brothers McSullen." Lincoln does a few LINCOLN SMASHes, and yet T-Bag manages to whine about being left behind in Panama. Michael has no time for this; he just wants the bird book. T-Bag feigns ignorance and Linc asks -- probably for the first time in his life -- with great desire, "Where's the book?" T-Bag is like, "I am sure I'd be delighted to answer your query once you explain to that security guard why you're manhandling me." The brothers reluctantly let T-Bag go. Linc gives T-Bag a punch in the kidneys as a parting gift, but T-Bag soon recovers, and he skips off to find the bird book before resuming his new life as Cole Pfeiffer.

Agent Blots Out the Sun calls General Von Baldy to share the news that he's in Los Angeles, preparing to hunt down Dr. Sara. General Von Baldy says, "I ask for the knights, you're chasing a pawn. She's irrelevant." "Not to Scofield. If anyone knows what rock he's hiding under, it's her," Agent Blots Out the Sun says. Von Baldy asks if Gretchen knows anything. Agent Blots Out the Sun replies dismissively that "I question the merit of keeping her alive." Von Baldy insists that Gretchen knows something. We see Agent Blots Out the Sun rolling his eyes, but before he can work up a righteous snit, General Von Baldy mentions something about "a former employee looking into Scylla." And that is how we all learn that Jasper the car salesman is not long for this world.

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Prison Break




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