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Undercover Brothers

We cut to Jasper calling Don Self. It's a tense conversation, as Don Self is wound a little tightly owing to the Bruce Bennett death, and Jasper's wound a little tightly owing to his phone lines probably being tapped by the One World Conspiracy. It turns out that Jasper does know where the card decoder is (please tell me it's named Odysseus). Don Self tells him to chill out, as he's coming to get him. Unfortunately, we cut to Agent Blots Out the Sun in a car, and it looks like he's about to beat Don Self to the door.

We cut to Linc, Sucre and Mahone breaking into a storage cage in Scylla HQ, liberating a giant speaker, and prying up two of the subwoofers or tweeters or whatever the hell those giant, dish-shaped things are. I have no idea; my knowledge of stereo systems begins and ends with the words "iPod" and "earbuds." The guys need the amplifier thingies. Next up: a list of the stuff they need, per Bellick. Sucre asks, alarmed, "You mean we gotta steal them?" "It's the one thing we can't get at a store, so yes, we've got to steal them," Michael replies. I am sure we are all on tenterhooks at the prospect of finding out what the mysterious "they" are. Or perhaps it's just another mucous geyser building up steam in my sinuses. I get the two confused. Before Michael heads off to steal whatever it is he's stealing, he checks on Dr. Sara. She's calmer, but that's no real indication of anything.

Meanwhile, T-Bag is meeting his new coworkers, including a rival GATE salesman named Andy. He gets the bad news that his bonus check is waiting on his boss's return from a business trip to San Francisco -- "Don't call it 'Frisco' -- they hate that up there!" T-Bag chirps ingratiatingly -- and then it's just T-Bag and Andy. The other man apologizes for not setting up Cole's office for a disabled person, and T-Bag slaps his prosthetic down on Andy's shoulder with, "I like to think of myself as handi-capable." Andy is suitably creeped out. He's also piqued that "Cole" had managed to score a corner office, but T-Bag says, "When you believe in GATE like I do, it ain't that hard to sell." Once Andy leaves, T-Bag flips through the bird book and confirms that indeed, the corner office has the address "122-B," per Whistler's plan.

We cut to Don Self discovering that Agent Blots Out the Sun has already been by to visit Jasper. The man works efficiently. I wonder if Agent Blots Out the Sun has read the The Four Hour Workweek? Because he certainly seems to be living it.

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Prison Break




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