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Undercover Brothers

Meanwhile, inside, Michael and Mahone watch Lisa prepare to leave, their unease mounting with every goodbye she makes. (Roland is back at HQ, moaning over the stopped copying.) Michael finally tells Mahone they're going to have to retrieve Charybdis. He fields the call from Linc (the one referred to above), and Michael says they don't have the card yet. "Do what you gotta do -- we've got to move the body," Linc says. But Michael has just hatched a Lisa-delaying plan. "Let them find the body. And wait for Mahone," he orders, then hangs up on Linc's incredulous "WHAT?"

We'll all be waiting, as it's time to see how badly Gretchen has been treated by Agent Blots Out the Sun. Hint: pretty badly. He's not happy that she is not privy to the secret inner workings of the Scofieldian mind, but really, who amongst us mere mortals could bear to endure the baroque and multidimensional splendor doubtlessly contained within Michael's shaved noggin? Agent Blots Out the Sun's interrogation is interrupted by the buzz of his mobile phone, and the only thing that keeps the voice on the other end alive is the useful information it's imparting about Bruce Bennett's credit card and its use in San Pedro, California. When he leaves, we zoom back to Gretchen, who is using her bloody fingers to dig splinters into the wooden block upon which she's sitting. Oh, this is going to get good.

Michael's Lisa-delaying plan comes to fruition. Mahone stops the One World Conspiracy goons by breaking the news about their freshly-fallen colleague, and asks another goon to come with him with, "You need to come with me. No one's leaving here until we make an ID." Then Michael -- a.k.a. "Officer Mathers" -- agrees to wait with Lisa Tabak. Since Michael's got that poker-faced sobriety schtick down, he makes a convincing police officer, and he delays Lisa long enough for Roland to confirm that he's got the card. While Lisa's making small talk with Michael, she has to break it to him that his nose is bleeding. She watches him intently, and when Michael gets the confirmation text, then abruptly dismisses Lisa, her curiosity is fully piqued. But the goons hustle her off to her flight before she can follow up.

When the away team pulls back in, Roland greets them by screaming, "Look out, guys! It's the pigs! Run!" Oh, the shades of Tweener are strong in that one. Linc tells Roland to cram it, thereby fulfilling the episodic requirement for Roland abuse, then hands over Charybdis. We establish that Dr. Sara's not around (more on that below), and then Bellick launches into the hand-wringing with "What are we going to do? Someone must have seen us!" Don Self's disembodied voice floats out with, "Don't worry. It's handled." Don Self has superpowers? Awesome.

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Prison Break




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