Prison Break
Fin Del Camino

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Yet ANOTHER hooker -- dead!

Michael and the money are arriving back at the Christina Rose. It takes him but a moment to establish that Linc isn't there. These two -- they need to leave notes for each other, I think. Michael pulls out his phone and begins to call around to hospitals for Sucre, but another call beeps on the line.

Michael asks, "Linc?" and Linc drones, "I'm sorry, man." He hands the phone over to Mahone, who says hello. Michael threatens, "If you touch my brother, you're a dead man." Mahone rolls his eyes and says, "Oh, please. You don't have to worry about that. When it comes down to it, he's just like you. He has a heart that won't kill a man." We cut back to the gimme-handcuffs scene, and that's when we learn that Mahone kicked Linc's legs out from under him, quickly disarmed him, and cuffed him to a water pipe. Back in the present, Michael asks, "What do you want, Alex?"

Mahone asks, "I'll tell you exactly what I want. But first things first: when the authorities captured Bagwell today, the money was nowhere to be found. Now, I can only assume that you've got the money aboard the Christina Rose right now. It's an amazing plan, Michael -- take the money, take the boat, then disappear forever. But you are not the only one that needs to disappear." Michael gives the phone a disgusted look. Mahone orders, "I'm going to say this only once: bring me the money, and bring me the boat." Michael says, "You are out of your mind." "Not really," Mahone shrugs dismissively. He points out, "We both have something the other person needs. It comes down to this, Michael. Your brother for your plan. Five minutes -- that's what you have."

Ah, but we have to wait a lot longer to see how this shakes out. I am awaiting the scene where the ghost of Westmoreland comes on all, "Woooooooo. The money is cursed because you didn't visit my daughter. Repent! Repent!" Let's hope it happens.

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Prison Break




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