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Yet ANOTHER hooker -- dead!

Speaking of people who may or may not be dying this episode, Bellick is not so smart if he's okay with leaving Michael and Sucre alone with each other. Sucre is muttering about how he'd like to kill Bellick, and Michael's reminder that A) Sucre will go back to prison, where B) there is no Michael to break him out... falls on deaf ears. The love child of Sucre and Maricruz better hope the ability to reason logically isn't tied to any inherited genes, or else he's screwed. Sucre fumes, "Once I find the money, I'm going to make him tell me where Maricruz is, and then I'm going to kill him." Michael says tartly, "If you find Maricruz, you're going to marry Maricruz, and then you're going to live happily ever after." Looks like someone's a little bitter over the events of the last episode. However, Michael should look on the bright side: now that he's broken out of prison once, he can use that experience to streamline the escape process when he breaks out Dr. Sara in season three. Also, Michael deserves kudos for not replying to Sucre's bitching and moaning with, "At least your girlfriend isn't on her way to a Negative Zone prison."

Anyway, Sucre keeps carrying on about how he'd like to kill Bellick, and Michael says, "Bellick and T-Bag will get theirs. Trust me." Sucre snaps, "Didn't Fox River teach you anything? The same rules apply out here. It doesn't make a difference if you're guilty or innocent. It's who survives." "You're not that guy," Michael replies. Sucre insists that he's that guy now, but honestly? He's not that guy. Michael says coolly, "The only reason I'm not five miles away from here right now is because I want to help you find Maricruz, not kill Bellick. If that's your game, I'm gone." The tender south-of-the-border love theme we all associate with the tedious "Sucre and Maricruz's honeymoon tour of Mesoamerica" scenes swells. Michael continues, "I understand the impulse to pull the trigger. But if we lose ourselves, we lose everything." So, what are the odds that the theme this season is "If we lose ourselves, we lose everything"? I mean, we've only seen it with Mahone and his agita over his family. We've only seen it with Kellerman, who appears to be preparing for an afterschool snack of gun barrel. It's just a little rich coming from the guy who first heard it from his brother, then promptly ran off and left the guy.

Anyway, Michael talks Sucre down off the ledge, and they resume watching the two conspiracy stooges. T-Bag is still in his hotel room, tossing cards into his Panama hat. We see Bellick pull a fire alarm. Everyone in the hotel filters out, including T-Bag, who takes care to put the address and a few extra firearms in his pockets before lifting up his big bag of money and taking off.

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Prison Break




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