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Yet ANOTHER hooker -- dead!

Commercials. Okay, inasmuch as I hate PSAs, I have to admit the one where the mom is talking to the characters on a rough-and-tumble prison show is pretty amusing. And it's contextually appropriate! Well played, FOX media buyers.

Fortunately for our heroes, the police are going up the front stairs. T-Bag is taking the back stairs; not only is it less crowded, it's also been housing his backpack full of money. Michael and Bellick break through the door he took, and Bellick hollers for T-Bag to freeze. In response, T-Bag shoots Bellick in the leg. Michael and Sucre take off after T-Bag. He turns around to look at them, forgetting that he's in the middle of a road. The car that broadsides him and sends him flying provides a handy reminder. Yet because T-Bag is superhuman, he is able to shake off this vehicular assault. Yet he is not yet super-superhuman, because he is not able to shake off the car, grab the big bag of money, and run before Michael can hold a gun on him. And that is how Michael manages to get the big bag of money and T-Bag.

T-Bag gives Michael his most winning smile and drawls, "We can work something out." You have to admit: when that murderous pervert isn't unspooling over Midwestern MILFs, he's an indefatigable optimist. As Michael marches T-Bag out of sight, Sucre stands and watches the police arrest Bellick for yet another murder he didn't commit.

We cut to Michael, Sucre, and T-Bag at an abandoned loading dock. For newcomers to the country, these three have a gift for finding deserted locales. T-Bag is cheerily talking about how they can just divvy up the money and go on their separate ways. Michael orders Sucre to run off and "get us a car," which they will then use to drive to the U.S. embassy for T-Bag's drop-off. Sucre runs off. Michael turns the gun on T-Bag and says, "Looks like you've made some friends lately." "I don't follow," T-Bag stalls. Michael points out, "That set-up back there is a little out of your league. Looked almost professional." T-Bag scrambles for a new level with which to push the odds toward him: "Let's say that's the case. What's it worth to you to find out? Because I am in possession of some information that you might need." Michael says blandly, "Okay. Tell me what you know. Maybe I'll let you walk -- without the money." The two dicker over the odds of that actually happening.

We cut to Kellerman's hotel room. His unmoving gun hand is dangling down and we get a shot of him from the back, sitting in the chair. Kristine comes in and rushes to his side, and we see that this has all been a big fake-out: Kellerman is still alive, and it was he who called Kristine in the last scene. Kellerman sniffles and says, "That is only the second time a weapon has ever jammed on me. First time was during training for Gulf War I. As soon as it happened, the commanding officer got in my face and said, 'Son, a weapon jam on the battlefield -- you might as well call that suicide.'" Kristine takes away Kellerman's gun. He sits up and tells her, "Kristine, I've... done things. Damn." Kristine says it doesn't matter what he's done: "There's a way out -- believe me." Kellerman continues unspooling. This is very unsettling; it's like he's being taken over by the forces of sensitivity and remorse. He says, "My entire -- my entire adult life, I've followed orders and, um, I did terrible things, because I thought they were right, and it turns out I did those things in the service of nothing. So that's what I'm left with -- nothing."

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