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We open with an exterior shot of Sona, then quickly move to the courtyard that serves as the prison's nerve center. We get miscellaneous shots of the inmates. The mystery of who painted all those murals is solved (it's some anonymous guy) and we switch over to Mahone, who is sitting and rocking back and forth as he mumbles to himself. T-Bag watches this.

We then switch to Bellick. Is there a sorrier sight than a filthy man lurching around in his no-longer-so-tighty-whiteys? He's wandering around the courtyard with his empty water glass, which leads us to…

…the lengthy queue where the inmates are waiting for their dipperful of liquid. Michael is waiting in line too, and only his little friend in the NBA jersey has the nerve to talk to him. After Michael reluctantly admits he's from Chicago, the kid pipes up, "Michael Jordan! Did you meet him?" Michael gives the kid an irritated glare and sighs, "It's a big city." Bellick lurches up and grunts, "Thanks for saving me a spot." Faster than Michael can say, "No cutsies!" another inmate's rushed over to enforce the line. Do you suppose Lechero appoints line monitors? Perhaps he's working on getting them a little belt and badge so they can also lead fire drills and write tardy passes for the inmates.

Bellick limps back to the end of the line; Michael resumes fidgeting, beating his glass against his hand in a rapid tattoo. Nervous tic, or sign that the cogs in his cranium are creaking along as he plans? His little sidekick doesn't care; he'd rather find out if Michael's ever scored with a blonde cheerleader. Michael absently says, "Yeah, sure," and ups the fidgeting to 11. His little sidekick congratulates Michael on his presumed coital coup.

Michael asks how long the water's been out, and we learn that it's been a year. The government sees no reason to address this, citing their adoption of Colin Powell's famous Pottery Barn rule of statesmanship. How is it that Amnesty International is not all over this, with the prison that routinely tosses out bodies and substitutes gladiatorial bouts for basic utilities?

Right after Michael and his little follower get their vessels filled, Michael tries to get the 411 on James Whistler. The news is not so good, according to the kid. And you know what? Seeing as this kid is basically performing the same expository role Sucre did in Season One, I am going to dub him…Splenda. He may play a similar role, but he is merely a sugar substitute. Anyhoodle, Splenda explains that everyone in the prison's looking for Whistler because "He killed the mayor of Panama City's son in a bar fight. The mayor's not happy…" Subsequently, Whistler got out of sight in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Lechero's number two thug from last week picks a fight with someone who evidently owes him money, and in the ensuing fracas ends up knocking over the water barrel. Lechero pulls the guy away, rolling his eyes all, Is it so UNREASONABLE to ask that my flunkies don't make things more DIFFICULT? The guy who was enforcing the no-cutsies rule in line is unhappy that his hard work was for naught. Lechero assures him more water's on its way, but has no real answer when Thirsty Angry Guy barks, "When?"

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Prison Break




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