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Abruzzi -- dead!

Less good scene: we're back at the Seedy Motel No. 2, the one containing T-Bag and Jerry and Jerry's daughter. Or at least, it's still containing two of those people. Jerry's daughter emerges from the hotel's vending machine room with a soda when she sees her dad's sedan driving slowly by. Dad isn't at the wheel; instead, it's a relatively unbruised and unbloodied T-Bag, and not only is he taking the car, he's also wearing Jerry's baseball cap and at a particularly jaunty angle at that. So I'm to believe that a man who recently had his hand chopped off and then reattached was able to beat up/maim/kill a man with two perfectly functioning hands and an iron? And that this one-handed superhero was able to emerge from the scuffle with just a scratch on his cheek? What else did Dr. Gutay do to T-Bag during that surgery -- give him the power to fly and stop time? Anyhow, T-Bag drives off, for more whacky homicidal misadventures.

Outside the NarcAnon meeting, The Betrayal of Dr. Sara: Won't You Have Some Pie continues its lyrical pace, as Kellerman praises the pie as the best he's ever had. "Do you know it needs though?" he asks. "Some crack. Not a lot. Just a pinch." Aw, it's funny how he can joke about his pretend addiction like that. Sara seems to think so, as she finds herself charmed by this mysterious stranger. We all know how that worked out the last time. Speaking of which, her cell phone rings -- it's Michael, so obviously disturbed by Bellick's taunts, that he's emerging from hiding to check in and see how she's doing. The conversation that follows is interesting enough, but I'm not sure that it was written with anyone who's got an XY chromosome sequence in mind. So, just to make sure that the scene gets its proper due, I'm turning things over to my wife, who checks in from an undisclosed location to recap this one scene. Honey?

Sobell here. Where am I? What's going on? Why am I looking at T-Bag driving a station wagon past a dewy teenaged girl and glaring menacingly? Is this your idea of romance, mister? Because if it is I am going to be very suspicious of the next trip you propose, and -- oh, wait. We're back at the pie scene. Never mind. How hilarious is Kellerman, all falsetto with the "Mmm, that's good pie?" And now her mobile phone's ringing, and it's Michael, and he wants to talk.

And boy, is he pulling out the stops with the teary, "Please don't hang up on me." Remembering the first few chapters of Don't Parole Him Into Your Heart, Dr. Sara is adamant that she doesn't want to talk to Michael. However, she does not hang up. So Michael forges ahead and stammers, "I heard about... I heard about what happened." Dr. Sara looks agitated, and this catches Kellerman's attention. It is great watching his mask drop and the watchful opportunist emerge.

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