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Abruzzi -- dead!

Mahone returns to the FBI officers, where Wheeler is waiting with questions from HQ: why didn't he arrest Abruzzi on his way into the motel room? Yeah, why didn't he? Why did Abruzzi have to die? Why?... Sorry. Mahone's response is that the way to capture a mob boss is to corner him, and he cuts off further questioning from Wheeler with a snippy, "HQ has a problem with the way I do things, they can pick up a gun and follow me into the field next time." All of them, Mahone? That'd be a rather crowded stake-out. I'm not even sure there are enough black SUVs to stash all of those Feds. We finally get to see that newspaper clipping that Mahone tacked up earlier -- it's Michael's old copy of the Abruzzi story with the name Fibonacci prominently circled. "Scofield always knew that the rat was the key to Abruzzi," Mahone explains. "We just put it out on the wire, and Abruzzi bit." And with that, he uses a red-marker to X out Abruzzi's mug shot, with just a little bit more brio than I care to see there, mister. "Speaking of Scofield," Wheeler says, "the crash was staged." He hands Mahone a folder with the details. "Pig blood," Mahone says, as he goes back to his desk to stare at the Oscar Shales photo once more. "Smart kid. Problem with being that clever is that sooner or later you end up being too clever for your own good." The interesting thing about that line -- besides the fact that Mahone sputters it and becomes increasing agitated as he says it -- is that it's not directed at Wheeler so much as it is Michael's mug shot. Sensing that his boss is about to have the freak out, Wheeler takes this opportunity to head home for the night. In contrast, Mahone takes the opportunity to flash between photos of Michael and Shales -- say, do you think he sees some sort of parallel between the two -- before spazzing out and ripping Michael's photo of the board before crumpling it up and throwing it on the floor. "You have no idea what you're in for," Mahone wheezes as the camera zooms in on the crumpled photo. OK. Awkward.

Next week on Prison Break, Sucre stars in a remake of Honeymoon in Vegas, Michael and Linc meet up with an old, one-handed friend, and Sobell returns to recap it, mushy stuff and all.

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