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This episode begins a little after the last one left off, as T-Bag is now coming to and discovering that he's been tied to a chair in "Cole Pfeiffer's" dining room. The good news is that Gretchen hasn't spread a tarp over the floor, so it looks like he'll get to keep all his (remaining) body parts. For now. The bad news is that he has nothing to look at except one of those dreary Pergo floors and a pissed-off mystery woman. T-Bag drawls, "The last time a pretty little filly like yourself knocked me senseless, then tied me to a chair, I had to pay for it." Gretchen deadpans, "You still might." Then she gets down to business: why is a stringy little con running around with James Whistler's pseudonymous life and -- more importantly -- the bird book? T-Bag lies that the book was "a gift from a very dear friend of mine who left this realm all too soon." Gretchen replies, "The only thing James Whistler ever gave anybody was the clap." Oh, I hope someone passes along that information to Lincoln. He might find it useful when he begins to wonder where that burning sensation came from. ("LINCOLN WINCE!") Gretchen whips out a folding knife and tells T-Bag he needs to commence babbling, now. Amazingly, T-Bag does not quip about how knifeplay usually costs extra. He eventually babbles, "Scylla! How about that? Does that ring a bell?" Gretchen leans over his shoulder and begins playing with the knife as she asks, "What do you know about Scylla?" T-Bag pretends to know what all of Whistler's extra markup in the book means. Gretchen's all, "Goooo onnnn?" and T-Bag snaps, "What do you bring to the equation, darlin', beside a pair of baby blues and a knife?" Gretchen brings a willingness to use the knife: she draws a line across his forearm by the elbow, saying, "This is me." Then she cuts T-Bag across the wrist with "This is Scylla." Then she makes another horizontal slash between them: "This is you." As she draws a vertical line to connect her three previous incisions, Gretchen growls, "I am going to get Scylla, and it will either be with you, or through you." T-Bag's screams seem to indicate that he's on board with whatever Gretchen wants to do. Once Gretchen informs T-Bag that he's messing with the wrong bitch (her words, not mine), T-Bag decides he likes his guts where they are and spits out, "How may I be of service?"

We cut to Team Scylla HQ, and Michael is busy catching Don Self up on their efforts to suck the data from card number five. Unfortunately, cardholder #5, Howard Scuderi, has chartered a flight to Las Vegas. Don Self is like, "Are you sure you guys didn't plan this?" but Lincoln assures him that's not the case, via some huffing and eye-rolling. Roland pipes up, "Scuderi splitting town kind of cut us a break, huh?" and Linc asks Sucre to please shut Roland up. Sucre does by grabbing Roland's neck and wringing it, Homer Simpson-style. This may be the first documented instance of Roland abuse before the credits even roll. The next episode's going to have to start with a closeup of Bellick repeatedly kicking Roland in the ribs or something.

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Prison Break




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