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Anyhoodle, Don Self is like, "Why not just nail the guy at Agrisow? It's an agricultural chemical firm, so how secure can it be?" Mahone and Michael perform a mind-meld and tag-team Don Self with a brief lecture on intellectual property rights and the lucrative bounties that can be reaped from exclusive patents. And as much as I enjoy a good team smackdown on Don Self, I have to ask: Really? The guy who's been a lawyer for nearly twenty years wouldn't grasp the idea that many companies are deeply concerned about intellectual property theft? Does this officially make him a worse lawyer than Veronica?

Anyway, the upshot of this scene is that Team Scylla manages to persuade Don Self to let some of the folks take a road trip to Las Vegas, because getting close to Scuderi will be quicker than if the team tries to circumvent his workplace and residential security. Don Self is all, "Fiiiiiiiiiine. But be back by midnight!" He then grabs Mahone for a little outside chat. Inside, Sucre asks Linc, "So what's the plan?" Linc replies, "We're going to Vegas." Roland immediately recovers from his disciplinary asphyxiation and begins whooping in glee. "I call shotgun!" he cries. Poor Roland -- I don't think he realizes that the first time he monkeys with the radio, Lincoln is going to snap his arm like a pretzel rod.

Outside, Mahone sullenly asks what Self wants. Don Self says, "I've been part of hundreds of operations during my career, and I tell you one thing: I've never been on the top of someone's hit list." Mahone's all, "Come again?" and Don Self babbles, "If this One World Conspiracy goon Agent Blots Out the Sun can find me once, it's only a matter of time before he creeps up in the back of my rearview mirror again." Mahone replies, "That's not true. If he's coming for you, you'll never see him coming at all." Well, that'll keep Don Self from tossing and turning at night. Don Self asks, "You were an agent longer than me [sic]. What's my play here?" Mahone laughs incredulously: "Let me get this straight: you turn your back on me, and now you want my play? Really?" Don Self challenges Mahone with, "What would you have done?" Mahone collects himself and speechifies: "I've tracked down rapists, killers, even former military, but a structural engineer from Illinois was able to get to me. Wanna know how? He stopped running. He got aggressive. He took the game to me. That's your play. That's your only play." Mahone stalks off, leaving Don Self alone with his thoughts, and/or encroaching dread.

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Prison Break




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