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Meanwhile, in the One World Conspiracy's bright shiny headquarters, General Von Baldy is busy plotting more evil. He tells Agent Blots Out the Sun that "I shouldn't have to remind you, killing a federal agent is a complicated job, even in our line of work." Agent Blots Out the Sun -- who has thus far proven only that he's capable of simple jobs like killing helpless children and torturing women -- isn't too rattled. He advances the argument that Mahone, Scofield and Burrows are all tied into the Don Self situation. General Von Baldy says, "If Scofield and Burrows are working with the government, we've got a much bigger problem than one bureaucrat at Homeland Security." Agent Blots Out the Sun asserts that Don Self is the one heading up any problematic operation; kill Don Self and you render the operation ineffective. General Von Baldy is like, Okay, FINE, kill the fed, and that is when Agent Blots Out the Sun informs him that, oh by the by, the fee for his services has just doubled. The general winces like, Of COURSE.

So we're back at Scylla HQ and what do you know? Trisha the dishy receptionist has just called Bellick and says she's got information on where T-Bag is. We quick-cut to everyone listening to Bellick explain that Trisha's demanding $2000 at the first meeting. Roland says, "The next card is more important, so first we do Vegas, then we deal with T-Bag." Sucre bellows at Roland to shut up, and Mahone volunteers to stay behind to deal with T-Bag. Michael then assigns everyone their teams: Lincoln, Sucre, Dr. Sara and Roland will go to Vegas, while he, Mahone and Bellick will chase down this T-Bag thing in Los Angeles.

As Dr. Sara prepares to go, Michael grabs her by the arm and says, in all apparent sincerity, "Promise me something, will you?" Dr. Sara sure will. Michael continues, "Can you get me Carrot Top's autograph? 'Cause I just think that would make this whole thing worthwhile." He grins as Dr. Sara collapses against his chest chortling. (I love it when Michael cracks jokes.) They kiss goodbye, and then Dr. Sara departs to Roland's shrieks of "Vegas, bitches! Ha-ha!" You know, Roland is growing on me ... like a fungus, perhaps, but growing on me nonetheless. He certainly keeps the group from sinking into a persistent, collective sulk.

We cut to Michael and Mahone in a parked car, all annoyed because Bellick's taking a lot longer than a simple, "Here's $2000, now where's my information?" transaction should require. The mobile phone rings on cue and it's Bellick stammering out something about how Trisha wants more money and Michael, "you got to come talk to this chick." Michael rolls his eyes. He and Mahone head to the roof, where the discomfited Trisha and Bellick are. Mahone asks, "What's going on, Bellick?" And that is when T-Bag pops out of nowhere with a dramatic flourish of a gun. Sadly, the writers choose not to underscore the parallel themes of scheming and lawlessness, because they don't have T-Bag shouting, "Hostage-taking, bitches! Ha-ha!"

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Prison Break




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