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Meanwhile, in Las Vegas ... Dr. Sara's in a ruffly number and looking for Scuderi on the floor of the casino. We pan across to Linc and Sucre both looking very natty in tailored button-downs and black pants, and Linc's establishing that Scuderi's one of the casino's whales (i.e. big-spending high rollers). Sucre heads off to keep looking for Scuderi, leaving Linc and Dr. Sara to trade a little small talk about Michael. Dr. Sara's worried because she still hasn't heard from him, then she calls Linc on the "Vegas isn't my town" nonsense. So Lincoln explains: "Did Michael ever tell you about Mom? They were much alike. They've got the same mind. As Mom got older, she started losing it. We, ah, we later found out it was a symptom of a brain tumor ... as a kid, she got nosebleeds. Then they stopped. In her thirties, they started up again. She, she later died of a brain aneurysm." Dr. Sara says, "And you're telling me this because Michael and his mother are similar in that way too, right?" Linc explains that Michael had nosebleeds as a kid, they had stopped, but recently, Michael's cracked the big 3-1 and the nosebleeds resumed again, so he may have the dreaded brain-tumors-that-cause-aneurysms malady.

We cut to Mahone checking his little positioning device to confirm that Michael's still in place, then heading into the "Cole Pfeiffer" apartment to discover that -- surprise! -- Gretchen had removed the tracking bracelet and left it on the table. All is not lost, however, because Mahone has noticed a small origami swan on the floor, and when he unfolds it, he immediately sees the "GATE" note.

We cut to GATE, where Andy the unctuous saleshark is measuring T-Bag's old office for new blinds. Sadly, this act of interior decoration will be his last as a free man, as Gretchen has just shown up in his office.

We cut to the charmingly modest "El Camino apartments," where Trisha whiles away the hours not spent reinflating her cleavage or attempting to blackmail her coworkers. We cut to the inside, where T-Bag is completely ignoring Trisha's uncanny knack for channeling a shabby-chic vibe without going completely twee. He's more concerned that she'll get visitors who won't take too kindly to the whole "I'm holding hostages" thing he's got going on. When T-Bag goes in to check on Michael, Bellick asks if Trisha's all right. She scoffs and says, "They told me not to talk to you." "They? Who's 'they'?" Bellick inquires. One hopes he'll file this away for later use. One also hopes Trisha will eventually learn better manners, because the co-hostage you treat like garbage now will not be inclined to save your sullen ass later. Anyway, T-Bag walks into Trisha's bedroom and gawps at how Michael's managed to assemble an entire blueprint. Michael explains, "It's the building where we can find Scylla. In other words, it's GATE." I squeal a little, because of course the One World Conspiracy isn't content with merely managing the world's agricultural and financial webs. It's also generating self-help! The scope of their evil is just breathtaking. T-Bag asks where Scylla is, and Michael replies, "I can't be certain until I see the building itself, but I'm pretty sure it's somewhere down here below [Cole Pfeiffer's] office." T-Bag finally asks what Scylla is, and Michael tells him. Then he pulls the Blue Steel and says, "I want you to take me to GATE. Now."

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Prison Break




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