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He's handy in a tight spot

Bellick's caught up to the van. He reports to Pope via cell phone, "It's still warm, and I don't see any other tire tracks out here. They're on foot. Judging by how hot this engine is, they haven't gone far. Five, ten minutes ahead of us at most." We switch to Pope, who marks Bellick's location on a map, then orders all his assorted forces to assorted spots. He tells Bellick, "Brad, this could be over quicker than we thought. We've got them boxed in." Then Stolte comes up and gives Pope an update on Dr. Sara: "None of the staff had any interaction with her. She left work suddenly in the early afternoon, returned for maybe an hour, then left again. Very erratic." Pope asks if anyone's gotten hold of Dr. Sara, and Stolte says, "Doesn't have a home line. Cell phone seems to be shut off. Chicago PD identified her car outside her residence. They're getting an emergency warrant to go in." Pope takes all this in and looks troubled. Stolte says, "Sir, this is none of my business, but...are you going to call the governor?" Pope gets a look like, Great. One more thing to handle ON MY ANNIVERSARY.

Out in the cold, the anti-Pope tells Bellick that the dogs have picked up two trails, and those trails lead in two different directions. Bellick snarls, "Split up. What the hell are you waiting for?" Brad Bellick, inspirational leader of men! His grace under fire is truly his hallmark.

And then the episode screeches to a halt. Here's Veronica, hiking in her city clothing across unfamiliar terrain in the dead of night. She eventually waltzes to the side door of the spacious Montana compound where Terrence is stashed. I cannot believe that Madame Vice President would go to all the trouble of faking her brother's death, engineering a fake body, rigging the judicial system, getting a bunch of people killed so as to maintain the fiction that Lincoln did it, rigging the Illinois political system so as to get Governor "Juice" Tancredi in the catbird seat , buying this house in the middle of nowhere...and then NEGLECT TO PUT A SECURITY SYSTEM IN PLACE. I mean, gah? What the...gah? I don't...gah? Comprehension eluding me, ability to form sentences slipping...GAH!

The point to this scene is, Veronica watches Terrence make a smoothie. It's every bit as riveting as it sounds. And then she just opens the door and wanders on inside. GAH!

Back in D.C., Madame Vice President is giving what appears to be a press conference. The camera is sure to linger on the water set up next to her podium, and wow, that is going to taste terrible, 'cause it'll be all warm and plastic-y, and...what, is there no ice in the federal triangle? So blah blah blah tax policies blah blah blah, and now she's calling on reporters as she unscrews the bottle cap from the water. The reporter asks something that can loosely be translated as "Madame Vice President, the administration's policies have been extremely favorable to the oil industry. You've got some deep ties there, and it seems kind of funny that these policies have given oil fuels record profits. Not that this is in any way reflective of, say, real life or anything. I question is, do you think the viewers are going to notice that we've essentially made you Dick Cheney, only with better hair?" Madame Vice President sings the virtues of the market-driven economy. Then the press conference goes off the rails, because someone is coming in and quietly whispering things in reporters' ears. They're getting up to leave, because obviously there's a bigger story than "Madame Vice President Drinks Water, Remains Smug About Obvious Ties To Big Business." Madame Vice President is not too thrilled about losing her audience, but then a Secret Service guy comes up and whispers something in her ear. We see her water bottle dropping.

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Prison Break




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