Prison Break

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He's handy in a tight spot

The canine squad is running hot on everyone's heels. We see some random running and running, and then a two-lane road. There's a lot of traffic, because there's apparently construction on the road so the cars are getting waved through one at a time. Bellick is chasing down the trail, murder in his eyes, and we cut to Tweener quickly scoping the scene. He sees a horse trailer and sprints for it. He lets himself in quickly. Good thing the car behind the trailer's not at all alarmed over some guy coming out of the woods and skulking into the back of a vehicle, huh?

Back at Fox River, Pope's trying to raise Governor Tancredi on the phone. The governor's riveted to the TV. He asks, "Are you watching this?" Pope asks, "Watching what?" "I suggest you turn on your TV, warden," Tancredi snots, and then he hangs up. Well, the good people of Illinois can rest easy tonight knowing their tough-on-crime governor hung up on a prison warden rather than stick around long enough to learn that eight dangerous cons are now at large.

Pope wanders into his office, where his staff is gathered around a TV. We hear a newscaster say, "President Mills was admitted into emergency care here a little more than 45 minutes ago. In chief surgeon's words, President Mills suffered a massive cardiac arrest. Doctors were unable to revive him. The news out of Washington Medical Center is official now. The president of the United States, Richard Mills, is dead." Everyone looks all deflated. Pope has a more complex look on his face; either he's relieved that news of the Fox River breakout is going to be kicked to page A6 now that this story's broken, or he's worried that Tancredi's going to go mad with power now that the lady politician he's tight with is officially leader of the free world.

Speaking of which, there's Madame Vice President getting her promotion right now. She's now Madame President, the 46th president of the U.S. in this fictional universe. Funny how the only time a chick gets the job, someone's got to die first. Immediately after getting sworn in, Madame President says tersely, "If you'll excuse me, I have a lot to tend to tonight." She strides off, Kellerman right behind her. When the two of them round the corner in the kitchen where Madame President was sworn in -- wearing shoes and not pregnant, fortunately -- there's Brinker. She pastes on a conciliatory smile, but that soon falls off her face as she catches sight of Madame President's steely, faintly triumphant expression. Madame President enunciates very carefully, "And you said I couldn't get things done." She and Kellerman sweep past Brinker. The other woman says, "Madame Vice President, perhaps we can get together and discuss how --" and Madame President turns around to say, "It is President now, Madame. And you're going to have to talk to my organizers -- my schedule is suddenly quite full. I'm sure you'll understand." Kellerman is looking practically giddy at this turn of affairs. He and Madame President walk away, and Brinker watches them go with a concerned look.

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Prison Break




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