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He's handy in a tight spot

We're now at apartment 236, where Dr. Sara lives. The cops have to break down the door. They walk inside and ring the couch. The mournful ululations begin as the camera switches perspectives and shows us the bottle of morphine and tidily placed syringe on the coffee table. The shot shifts focus so we can see that the blurry gray object in the background is actually Dr. Sara. Her eyes are closed, and she's vomited, but her hair looks fabulous. What we don't see: the piece of paper presumably clutched in her chilly little paw, which reads, "TO DO: (x) Leave infirmary door open for not-boyfriend; (x) Have total moral and existential crisis in car; (x) Pick up Clairol Natural Instincts in "Rosewood"; (x) Dye hair; (x) Overdose."

Anyway, the cops are all, "Possible overdose, likely DOA." And we all know what that means: Dr. Sara will be back next season. We can only guess whether she'll be bravely struggling along in recovery, or striking out to do a little freelance sleuthing on her own, or working the streets in exchange for dope, or whatever. Frankly, I think it would be more effective to kill her off, if only because the dramatic wallop of a "good" character being rubbed out by her own conscience would be a nice counterpoint to the "Cost? What human cost?" approach the One World Conspiracy takes, and it would give Michael a lot of room for character development when he stops to consider the unanticipated consequences of his plan. Alas, until we see the shot where someone has cut off Dr. Sara's head, run a wooden stake through her heart, then buried the body at a crossroads in a garlic farm, we have no guarantees she's dead. Another storyline in limbo.

We then get a quick shot of Tweener sleeping in the horse trailer as it drives on through the night. He's apparently headed to St. Louis. I wish him the best there -- off-screen.

And then we get a shot of Haywire riding the bike through the night, on a quiet, un-barricaded road. When last we see him, he's stretching out his arms in the classic no-hands maneuver. And so the second Team Escarpara ditch-ee has slipped through Pope's dragnet.

Meanwhile, the law enforcement vehicles are circling around. The guys are but a field away from the airstrip. The guys quickly decide to sprint. Before they go, Linc grabs Michael by the shirt and says, "Michael, if this doesn’t work out, I just want you to know --" "I know," Michael says. They begin running with the others.

Scenes of the guys running. An SUV on the road behind them rolls up; the officer's voice orders them, "Freeze! Don't move!" but these guys didn't end up in jail because they excel at following society's directions.

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Prison Break




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