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He's handy in a tight spot

Cut to the pilot and Maggio debating when they should take off. The insistent whine of sirens forces their hand, and they hop into the plane.

Cut to Veronica wandering through the vast, echoing, totally unsecured house in which Madame President is stashing her not-really-dead brother. As she walks, Veronica has a bunch of flashbacks that allow her -- and other, extremely slow members of the audience -- to realize that this toothless guy is, indeed, Terrence Steadman. So Veronica walks over to the big leather wing chair where Steadman's dozing, and when he wakes up and blinks at her, she says calmly, "Hello, Terrence." Going by Terrence's slightly stunned expression, he's been waiting for this moment, but hadn't expected it to creep up on him like this.

Meanwhile, back in the actual, riveting plotline, Team Escarpara's running along in a shot that's a total shout-out to Chariots of Fire. They sprint toward the plane, desperately running. We see the plane taxi along the runway. We see dozens of law enforcement vehicles speeding toward Goose Creek airstrip. We see Team Escarpara running.

Then we see T-Bag lurching through the woods, with the faint sound of barking dogs wafting up behind him. He's got his stump tucked up into his armpit. I am, frankly, stunned that T-Bag is capable of running without passing out from blood loss. There are some not-insignificant arteries and veins running through your arms, and if they're wide open, I don't care how effectively you've tried to tourniquet the area (with your one good hand), the fact is, your heart is pumping your blood right out that bloody stump and as we all learned in a prior episode, you only have 10 pints to go around. How much has T-Bag left behind already? But, as I've already noted, people don't die on this show, so let's call T-Bag...another storyline in limbo.

Team Escarpara's jogging toward the plane. It's moving along, and so are the law enforcement vehicles. The plane taxis, it prepares to ascend -- and takes off right over the heads of the cons, who have been frantically trying to flag it down.

Fortunately, C-Note has not yet caught his breath after that exercise in futility, so he can't make another one of his glass-half-full quips. Sucre sucks in another wind to ask, "What do we do now?" Michael looks at the vehicles pouring on to the runway from every side, steels himself, and rasps, "We run." Linc gives a wide-eyed, wary look at the pursuers, then turns on his heels and follows suit. Abruzzi and C-Note soon follow. The five men dive into the night as car after car swirls onto the runway, creating a loop that may well be impossible to slip through...or not. We'll find out next season. We end this one with five tiny gray dots bobbing in a dark sea as they do as Michael asks. They run.

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Prison Break




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