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He's handy in a tight spot

We then get a really dramatic shot of the COs marching out of the gate as Pope vents via bullhorn, "When those men went over the wall, they made a choice. And that choice makes them a threat to society once again. As many of you know, some of those men are convicted killers. Our job is to protect and ensure the safety of the general population. That means if we have to bring them down to ensure the safety of the population, then by God, we will do it! This time we're playing for keeps, gentlemen. It's been at least 12 minutes since they went over the wall. That's one mile on foot. If they've got their hands on a vehicle, they could be ten miles from here, so let's get moving!" Pope's so angry, he's called down rain. It'll be a long, wet night.

The COs scamper away. Crouched in a low gully and covered by some underbrush not 20 yards away, Team Escarpara watches everyone take off. C-Note says nervously that they've got to roll, but Michael say, "We don have to do anything but wait here and let them get ahead of us." Sucre says nervously, "I don't know if we're going to get a chance, Papi." The dogs have come out. Assorted team members panic, and Michael tells them all to just stay still. The men freeze like rabbits. Michael smugly whispers, "They can't smell us." However, dorkus, they can see you, and when they do, the dogs go a little nuts. The handlers come over to the bushes, flip on a flashlight, and --

Commercials! Is anyone going to even notice commercials with all the tension from cutting out at suspenseful moment? I mean, I barely noticed that Wolverine was on screen, that's how tense I was.

We come back to a repeat of the COs shining the lights on the underbrush as they walk toward it. They don't see anything, probably because Team Escarpara's hauling ass through the woods. I'd give you more details on who's running in what order, but this episode is not what you'd call "well-lit."

We then go to a pitch-black screen and the caption, "Highway 15." If you say so, mysterious text dispenser. I've never known you to lie to me before. In fact, mysterious text dispenser, it appears you've expanded on our brief acquaintance, because you've just told me this is "Just Outside of Great Falls, Montana." Because you think so highly of me, mysterious text dispenser, I will not hoot derisively at the prospect of Veronica catching one of the many, many flights that depart from Chicago and land right next to Highway 15 in deepest, darkest Montana. I'll only think it. Veronica is leaving Nick a chatty voicemail message about where she is and why she's tracking down clues about the house and Terence Steadman, and all I have to ask is, does she not remember that Nick tried (ineptly) to kidnap her? That if the mob is so ruthless as to want her, they might actually track her down? And that she's on the run from conspiracy goons, so if they find out where she is, they might actually track her down? (Apparently, I had to ask a lot.) I mean, I've been cutting her a lot of slack because she's been under stress and all, but this is spectacularly stupid even for Veronica. Anyway, Veronica's message falls on deaf -- no, make that DEAD -- ears, as we get a shot of her voice ringing out through Nick's still apartment and Nick's body slumped on the floor with a tidy bullet hole in the forehead. Like Westmoreland, he's also got a peaceful, resigned expression.

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Prison Break




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