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He's handy in a tight spot

Meanwhile, back at Madame Vice President's office, she is busy snarling at Brinker, "Soft money makes the world go around. You know it and I know it. You cut my funding, and I can't run a proper campaign without it." Brinker lies that there was a lot of internal debate over cutting Madame Vice President loose, and adds, "And there's every chance you could win on your message, and it would certainly be our loss --" "Oh, cut the crap," Madame Vice President snaps. She is not taking the breakup well. Brinker glories in being the bigger person, saying with exaggerated cordiality, "I came here to express our gratitude for all that you've done for us, and to let you know this isn't personal. Surely you've been in politics long enough to know that." Madame Vice President has also been in politics long enough to develop a decent bullshit meter. She says, "I'm a grown woman. How about you give it to me straight?" Brinker looks delighted by the prospect, and says, "The bottom line, Madame Vice President, is that you can't effect change in the Oval Office. And that is what we need the most -- certitude. Simply put, you can't get things done." Madame Vice President knows it'll be a bad idea to blurt, "Oh, yeah! I've managed to fake my brother's death and kill the guy who -- he what? When? ...Never mind." She just hisses, "Maybe you don't know me so well." Brinker snorts in a way that makes it abundantly clear that she knows Madame Vice President as well as she cares to. As she heads out, she suggests that Madame Vice President should make a graceful exit from the presidential races, or else the One World Conspiracy will have to find the time to do it for her in between strong-arming the U.S. Senate to raise FCC indecency fines to $325,000 per offense and deciding to let everyone in on Jimmy Hoffa's secret burial location.

Team Escarpara's now barreling down a hill. The guys run through a barbed-wire fence that Linc's holding open. Tweener happens to snag his hand on a wire and makes a big show of saying, "Ow!" as he holds his hand. I note this now so none of us are surprised when he develops lockjaw in the season two premiere. Linc then grabs Haywire by the collar and barks, "Take your suit off -- you're glowing in the dark." A startled Haywire protests, "But I only have my skivvies on --" "Take your suit off!" Linc orders. Haywire heads off and Linc says to Abruzzi, "We gotta do something about that freak." Abruzzi says, "You got it -- now hurry up."

More dark-n-chaotic shots. I believe there are bodies, and I believe they are upright and perambulatory. Anything beyond that is a mystery. Everyone stops at the edge of a clearing; all eight guys practically pile on each other. I wonder how much time the director spent trying to come up with a way to frame all the guys in that shot? Everyone looks over at the barn and C-Note designates himself as group spokesman with, "Eye-Tie, where in the hell is the van?" Abruzzi gargles, "O ye of little faith." Everyone scampers for the barn and sure enough, there's a van there. Abruzzi orders Linc, "Behind the wheel, Cro-magnum." Hey! There's evidence suggesting the Cro-magnums were gentle, sophisticated hominids that were driven to extinction by the more nasty H. sapiens. What are you trying to say about Linc there? That he's secretly sophisticated?

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Prison Break




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