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He's handy in a tight spot

The rest of Team Escarpara is left to entertain themselves. Michael and T-Bag are watching the play of moonlight on the quarry lake. Abruzzi is watching T-Bag. C-Note comes over and sits next to Michael, asking him, "Yeah, you know, what they got in Mexico anyhow?" According to a few of our congressional representatives, lots of people who wouldn't mind living and working in the U.S. Michael asks C-Note if he's ever been, and C-Note replies, "I ain't never been nowhere except for Iraq, Chi-town and Fox River." He then asks T-Bag what he's looking at, and T-Bag sensibly directs his gaze elsewhere instead of chipping in with his own travelogues. C-Note continues, "Look, man, is it a place where you could have a family?" Michael replies blandly, "Lots of families down there, so I hear." C-Note elucidates: "I think you know what I'm talking about. For a black man, an American man, with a family." Michael asks, "So that's the plan? They're going to meet you down in Mexico?" C-Note replies, "Yeah. It's worse than not seeing them. And I can't do that no more." Michael replies, "Not much of a life for them." C-Note says with feeling, "But it'll be a life! I'm telling you, Snowflake, ain't no way in hell I'm leaving them behind." Michael looks impressed by this. I personally find this conversation very interesting because it's like C-Note's making the exact opposite decision Pa Burrows did; the compare-and-contrast between the two fathers may be food for plot in season two.

Abruzzi's joined Linc at the car. I find this pretty interesting too, because it's like the born loners gravitated to the lake (C-Note and Michael) while the born gang-leaders congregated around the car. (I'm tossing T-Bag out of the sample because he really doesn't have a say in where he's going, and Sucre's obviously neither a loner nor a leader.) Sucre assures them, "I've done this a thousand times." "I thought you got busted for armed robbery," Linc says. Sucre points out, "That's what they caught me on." He sniffles from the cold, then says, "Red is the juice. White is the ground. Strike 'em together and we blow this town." Or maybe not. The guys FINALLY think to pop the hood and see what's underneath, and there's a big, empty hole where the engine used to be. I cannot believe they didn't think to check the engine first.

And now, that middle-school girl has a moment that will either traumatize her for life or give her a really cool story to tell for weeks. Haywire comes into the garage. He's trying hard not to appear too crazy and he is failing. He quickly grabs the bicycle as the girl shrinks into a corner. Then he turns to go, but catches sight of himself in a mirror. Haywire looks, all wow, I really do look unhinged. Then he quickly grabs a football helmet, jams it on his head, and checks his reflection again. Pleased with what he sees, he turns to the girl, says with forlorn sincerity, "Sorry..." and pedals off into the night. I applaud the football helmet. Bicycle safety is very important.

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Prison Break




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