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Unready, Unsteady, Go

Lincoln's hanging out in the infirmary with a guard who is absolutely lousy at small talk. As the guard natters on about how he's going to outfit his truck, Lincoln's looking like "Death cannot come soon enough -- I don't even care that I'm being wrongfully executed anymore." The guard natters on about coils and springs and spacers, and as he does, Linc looks up, and his expression is just delightful -- shocked surprise, which he's trying valiantly to restrain. The guard finishes the automotive monologues with "What do you think?" The massed members of Team Escarpara think it sounds great. The guard leaps out of the chair and walks backward, saying, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. I ain't a hero for fourteen dollars an hour. Do what you will." Michael orders Captain Pragmatic to uncuff Linc, and the CO does with all due haste. Captain Pragmatic shrugs, "Pretend I ain't here, boss," and T-Bag chortles, "Yeah, you and the radio." He then knocks out the guard and lifts his walkie-talkie. Then, sure that nobody's looking, T-Bag discreetly pockets the handcuffs that are nearby, too.

Meanwhile, on the outside...Nick is entering his spacious, well-decorated Chicago pad. Who knew that being a crusading activist lawyer paid so well? Nick calls for his dad. Dad is currently socializing with a friend, if by "socializing," you mean "being held at gunpoint" and "a friend" is "that menacing guy we may remember from the scene with Nick in the cell-phone store." Nick realizes that perhaps Veronica was on to something with the mob and the fondness for killing people.

Back at the office, Becky has gotten tired of flipping through what appears to be a bridal wear catalog., and she's already won the computer solitaire game She decides to do a little furtive eavesdropping, and discovers that the alleged conference call Pope's on is actually "Welcome to Jokeline -- just $2.99 a minute!" Now she's irritated.

The mob muscle would like to know where Veronica is, and Nick defiantly says, "She's gone." Mob Muscle says, "Yeah? Then so's your dad." "No, no, no!" Nick screams desperately. Mob Muscle matter-of-factly asks, "Have you got her or not?" Nick says he can find her. Mob Muscle says, "Can you have her in front of me in the next two minutes? It's a very simple question, Nick." Nick says, "No, just give me a chance. Just give --" BLAM! Mob Muscle shoots Nick's dad in the head. We even see the smoke come out the other side. Nick begins screaming, "No!," and Mob Muscle cuts right through that crap with "This is happening right now. You have one more chance. Where's the lawyer?" Since Nick now has nothing to lose, when he looks at Mob Muscle, his face is set with hatred and resolve; he takes his shot to the chest, and smiles darkly as he says, "She's about a million miles away from here." Mob Muscle shoots him again; we only see the barrel of the gun, so who knows where the bullet went?

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Prison Break




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