Prison Break

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Unready, Unsteady, Go

At long last, Becky, Stolte, and the Anti-Pope have harnessed their collective brainpower and arrived at a marvelously innovative solution to the "Where's Pope?" question: they call his cell phone. When they hear it ringing from the closet, that's how they find Pope.

Back in the clinic, Westmoreland grits out, "Give Anna her papa's love." Michael's squeezing Westmoreland's hands in his own as he vows, "I will." Ah, man, poor Michael -- he's forced to knock out one semi-paternal figure earlier tonight and now he's going to be leaving the other behind.

As T-Bag shimmies across the cable, we hear the cable's anchor groaning ever more ominously. Then C-Note goes out. Michael is carefully helping Westmoreland to a more comfortable position.

When the prison's crack security squad finally finds Pope and ungags him, he weakly orders, "Sound the alarm."

It's just Michael and Manche now. Across the yard, Linc's giving Manche a speculative look, and he doesn't like where that line of thought is taking him. Manche tells Michael that they need to hurry up, and Westmoreland tells him, "Go, Michael. Go and don't look back." That doesn't bode well for him sending a Christmas origami to Dr. Sara, does it? We get one last shot of Westmoreland. From the depths of the couch, the husband opines, "He's not so much the Silver Fox now as he is the Gray Fox." "You're just saying that because you're still miffed I paused on Wolverine!" I snap. Manche sensibly tells Michael to go first. Linc implores, "Come on, Michael. Come on." The very second Michael's on the cable, the floodlights snap on and the klaxons begin blaring. Michael only pauses for a moment before resuming his trek. On the other side of the cable, Lincoln's chanting, "Come on, Michael! Come on!" I love how it's half older-sibling order and half prayer.

The guards are now running across the lawn with the dogs, and it's all very tense, and riiiiiiiight as Michael's to the very end of the cable, Manche gives in to his case of nerves and grabs hold of the cable. You can guess what happens next: the cable anchor comes out of the wall, Manche plummets to the ground, and Michael's slammed into the wall, about six feet below the top. Lincoln's "Michael" is a wailed plea. He leans forward and urges Michael to take his hand. Michael's struggling up the cable, Linc commanding him, "Mike! Take my hand." And I love how Lincoln is the only person on Earth who would even think of calling Michael "Mike," much less be able to get away with it. Note well, y'all: that is twice I have said favorable things about Lincoln tonight. Anyway, it's all very tense with the will-they-grab-hands-or-won't-they business, and there's lights and noise and, and, and -- well. What do you think? Of course it all worked out. We know this because after the guards finish apprehending Manche, they head over to the wall and we get a dramatic shot of the wall with the bent-down wire. The music swells as we zoom down the other side of the wall and confirm that Team Escarpara is now escaped. Hooray! T-Bag's on the lam! As is Haywire! How can we not greet that news with unconditional joy?

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Prison Break




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