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Unready, Unsteady, Go

Dr. Sara walks through the hall and sees Lincoln being escorted into the clinic. She seems surprised. After opening the clinic door, she JUST HAPPENS to notice the many bottles of morphine in the same medical supplies cabinet she's looked at for years. After taking a moment to recall the halcyon days of yore when she self-medicated, Dr. Sara snaps out of it.

And now it's time for Team Escarpara to get into the prison yard. But how? Manche's having a little bit of a meltdown and concludes, "This whole thing is messed up." T-Bag coolly injects, "Feel free not to come, Gordo." T-Bag's next team evaluation is going to be really negative if he keeps up the comments.

Becky notices that Pope's on the phone, shrugs, and resumes her paperwork.

Then a fire alarm goes off. Everyone in Team Escarpara has a fit. Michael looks up from his little security box, alarmed.

Commercials. The people who are marketing the next X-Men movie should really just stick to the moneymaker and run seven-odd minutes of nothing but Hugh Jackman in his leather pants. (From the depths of the couch, the husband is marinating in jealousy, simpering, "I love Wolverine. Oh, Wolverine, when we get married, will I be Missus Sobell Wolverine, or would you consider hyphenating?")

When we get back, T-Bag's hyperventilating, "We're screwed -- we're screwed!" C-Note joyously seizes the opportunity to take charge and begins ushering everyone to go back. That's when Michael pops in and says, "We'll stick to the plan." C-Note loses his cool, shouting, "Do your ears work, fool? Do you hear that?" Michael tells them it's the fire alarm in the psych ward and -- more significantly -- he's the one who set it off.

Cut to all the Whack Shack habitants being escorted outside, all of them doing the Thorazine Shuffle.

Meanwhile, on the outside...we see a plane land at Goose Park Airstrip, ten miles from Fox River. We know the locale because it's helpfully captioned for us. The beefy guy from last episode (Maggio) gets off the plane. A moment behind him, the pilot gets off and nervously says, "We're in the sticks. You know how many people must have heard a jet like this land?" Maggio's not too worried. He's got a police scanner, so he can keep tabs on the local chatter.

Back in the prison, an orderly barks that this was a false alarm and that everyone can just head back inside now. All the inmates begin lurching back inside. We see the manhole cover pop up, and then we get a shot of Team Escarpara all hustling toward the pack: the shot's around a corner and sort of pixellated; it's also accompanied by the kind of loud breathing you normally hear when you're snorkeling, you hear this Darth Vader-y "whoosh-pash-whoosh-pash," and you realize you are the loudest submerged breather ever.

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Prison Break




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