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Unready, Unsteady, Go

The inmates are all filing inside the Whack Shack, and Sklar the orderly is about to lock the door when Michael bellows, "Hold on!" Doing his best Bellick imitation, Michael yanks a thumb back and says, "Got some stragglers." The rest of Team Escarpara do their best to appear criminally insane. Although it's a look that comes naturally to Abruzzi, but T-Bag's looking pretty cracked too. The orderly calls Tweener out since, of course, his jumpsuit's not exactly white. Sklar says, "Wait a second -- that's not Whack Shack issue. Everybody stop!" Michael channels Bellick to bark, "Stay where you are!" He ushers Sklar away from the group, and Sklar says, "That's John Abruzzi right there." Michael speaks normally when he says, "Ah, that's bad news. Listen, you know that sedative you were talking about? You got some now?" Sklar does -- and how, what with Michael neatly taking the syringe from his hand and dosing the orderly. He orders the team straight down the hall.

Meanwhile, on the outside...Veronica continues to beg for her life through the pillowcase. Going by Nick's expression, he's acutely regretting not knocking her out. He then pulls over and pulls off the pillowcase. Unsurprisingly, Veronica looks like hell. Nick pulls her out and tosses her in a cab, telling her she still has time to get to the airport, catch a flight to Blackfoot, Montana, and find Steadman. Oh, like the route between Chicago and Blackfoot is so well-traveled, there's a flight between them every hour on the hour? Also -- unless I missed the scene where Nick just happened to pick up Veronica's carryall and purse on the way, how in the hell is she even supposed to be able to board a plane without ID? Nick, you are both ball-less and an idiot. If you're going to sell someone out, at least go through with it. Nick then calls his dad and tells the old man to meet him at his apartment.

In the prison, Team Escarpara's now in the bowels of the whack shack. As the other team members amble around, Michael walks over to Tweener, who says, "Halfway there, yo." I've said it before and I'll say it again: Tweener has the survival instincts of a mayfly. It's a miracle he's lived this long. A dark, twisted, inexplicable miracle. Michael says, "I know you told Bellick." This is the point where the husband and I both say melodramatically, "I know it was you, Fredo. You broke my heart. You broke my heart!" Tweener attempts to bluff, but his bluffing skills are about as finely honed as his survival instincts. Michael says, "I owed you, and I pay my debts. But as soon as we're out of here, you go your way, and we'll go ours. You understand?" Tweener sulks his comprehension. Then Team Escarpara heads through some corridor.

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Prison Break




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